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Persuade, using the seven drivers of motivation to master influence and persuasion, Philip Hesketh ; cover design, Kathy Davis

"Learn how to influence others and get your own way more often Wouldn't it be great if you could get the pay rise you've asked for, win the business you've pitched for or get that job you so desperately want? Well, with this book you can learn how to get inside the head of the person making the decision and find out exactly what is it that's going to get them to say yes! Persuade explains the seven psychological drivers that motivate us all. By understanding these drivers and the impact they have on our own lives, we can gain valuable insights into how we can motivate ourselves, improve our relationships, negotiate more effectively, get people to like us and ultimately get our own way more often. Persuade: Is written in Phil's trademark humourous, yet well-researched style Draws from scientific and psychological sources Is delivered in short, accessible, bite-sized chapters "--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Intro -- Epigraph -- Title page -- Copyright -- Introduction: Our seven psychological 'drivers' -- 1 Curiosity and the importance of having something to look forward to -- 2 Why keeping an open mind will help you to understand others -- 3 Using the 'Bubble Reputation' to improve how others see you -- 4 How fleeting attraction and perceived similarity can change 'no' to 'yes' -- 5 The single most persuasive expression you can ever use -- 6 How to worm your way into a group's affections and influence them -- 7 The 'chameleon effect' and how to use body language to your advantage -- 8 How your behaviours dictate either successful long-term partnerships - Or relationships heading for disaster -- 9 Why persistence pays when asking for a favour -- 10 The power of belief and the 'illusory correlation' -- 11 The anchor effect, the drive we have for 'more' and how to improve your negotiating skills -- 12 The seven things you need to know to improve your communication -- 13 The truth about money and motivation -- Conclusion: Our seven psychological 'drivers' and the pursuit of happiness -- Drivers 1, 2 and 3: The need to be loved, to be important and to belong -- Drivers 4 and 5: The need to believe and the need for a balance of certainty and uncertainty -- Driver 6: The need for 'a place' -- Driver 7: The need for growth and improvement -- The top 50 questions for you to master influence and persuasion -- About the author -- Index -- Advert -- EULA
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non fiction
1st edition
Includes index
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1 online resource (98 p.)
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