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Swiss democracy, possible solutions to conflict in multicultural societies, Wolf Linder - alk. paper

"The features of Swiss democracy are frequently praised in theory but rarely assessed in practice. In this revised and updated third edition of Swiss Democracy Wolf Linder explains the way government and politics work in Switzerland. Combining the essence of many empirical studies with his own observations, and giving illustrative examples, the author thoroughly analyzes the institutions of federalism and consensus democracy through political power sharing. With the critical eye of a political scientist, Linder examines the scope and limits of the citizen's participation in direct democracy, which distinguishes Switzerland from most parliamentary systems. The value of this book goes beyond describing Switzerland and its political integration of different languages, religions and cultures. Analyzing the nature of Swiss politics, Linder shows how federalism and political power-sharing could help to resolve political conflict in other multicultural societies and to integrate different communities."--Publisher's Web site
Table Of Contents
Building a multicultural society by political integration -- Federation -- Direct democracy -- Common democracy: the Swiss system of power-sharing -- Comparative perspectives
Literary Form
non fiction
3rd ed., rev. and updated.
Physical Description
xxiv, 246 pages, illustrations, map, 23 cm

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