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China's plan for economic and social development, a review from the 1st to 14th Five-Year Plan, Jun Yin and Jia Xu

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Intro -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- About the Author -- 1 Introduction -- 1.1 State Governance and Planning System -- 1.1.1 National Development from a State Governance Perspective -- 1.1.2 Typical State Governance Behind China's Economic Miracle -- 1.1.3 The Five-Year Planning System with Chinese Characteristics -- 1.1.4 A Brief History of the Rise and Fall of Planning Worldwide -- 1.2 The Logic of Governance by Planning -- 1.2.1 Three Basic Theoretical Questions -- 1.2.2 What is Planning? -- 1.2.3 Why Is Planning Needed? -- 1.2.4 How to Plan? -- 1.3 Developing a Planning Theory with Chinese Characteristics -- 1.3.1 A Methodology for Building a Planning Theory with Chinese Characteristics -- 1.3.2 Taking Axioms of Marxism as the Body, and Making Good Use of Western Learning Systems -- 1.3.3 Learning from Historical Experience and Lessons -- References -- 2 Five-Year Plans in Exploration -- 2.1 The CPC's Planning and Preparation for National Development Before 1953 -- 2.1.1 The Grand Blueprint of the PRC Relied on Planning -- 2.1.2 Preparation for a Planned Economy: Formation of the State-Owned Economy, Adjustment of the Industry and Commerce, and Establishment of Planning Management Mechanism -- 2.1.3 The Drafting of National Economic Plans: Advancing in the Course of Exploration -- 2.1.4 The Initial Practice of the Planned Economy in Northeast China -- 2.2 The First Five-Year Plan: An Important Beginning of China's Transformation from an Agricultural Country to an Industrial Country -- 2.2.1 Mao Tse-Tung Pointed Out That the Strategy of Giving Priority to the Development of Heavy Industry Was the "Policy of Great Benevolence" -- 2.2.2 The Visit to the Soviet Union and the Signing of Agreements -- 2.2.3 The Establishment of the Working Procedure of "Down Twice and Up Once" in the National Planning System
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