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The United States in the long twentieth century, politics and society since 1900, Michael Heale - hbk

The United States in the Long Twentieth Century explores the nature of American politics and society in the period from 1900 to the present day, illuminating both the changes and the continuities. This was a period largely characterized by exceptional growth and international power, though one also assailed by the crises and divisions that Michael Heale carefully examines. A strength of the book is its integration of political with social history, and it thus explores a range of social, demographic and economic phenomena that have been central to American history in the long twentieth century, such as immigration and ethnicity, the labour, civil rights and environmental movements, and the role and achievements of women. This new and fully revised edition of the seminal student textbook Twentieth-Century America has been updated throughout to take recent scholarship in the field into account and also includes a number of important new features, including: - a brand new chapter on the years from 2000 onwards, covering 9/11, the financial crisis, and the rise of Barack Obama; - substantial revisions to Part III, covering 1969 to the present day, and in particular to the material on Reagan, Clinton, African Americans, immigrants, the growth of the financial sector and (de)regulation and global warming; one theme is the limits of conservatism and the resilience of liberalism; - greater emphasis on the United States in a transnational world and within the context of the rise of globalization. The United States in the Long Twentieth Century is a detailed guide to American political and social history since 1900 and an essential text for all students interested in the modern history of the United States of America
Table Of Contents
Part I - The Progressive Political Order, 1900-1933 : 1. The Progressive Order, 1900-33 -- 2. The Role of immigrants, Workers and Women, 1900-33 -- 3. Progressive Hopes: From Roosevelt to Wilson, 1900-17 -- 4. The Progressives and the World, 1900-33 -- 5. Red Scare and Republican Ascendancy: From Wilson to Hoover, 1917-33 -- Part II - The New Deal Political Order, 1933-1969 : 6. Creating the New Deal Order, 1933-69 -- 7. Advancing workers and containing women, 1933-69 -- 8. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, 1933-45 -- 9. Isolation and World War, 1933-45 -- 10. Towards a post-war consensus: From Truman to Kennedy, 1945-61 -- 11. The African American challenge, 1933-69 -- 12. The New Frontier and Great Society: From Kennedy to Nixon, 1961-69 -- 13. The Cold War and Vietnam, 1945-69 -- Part III - The Fragmented Political Order, 1969-2012 : 14. Surviving the Fragmented Order, 1969-2000 -- 15. Containing workers and advancing women, 1969-2000 -- 16. African Americans, Immigrants and Ethnics, 1969-2000 -- 17. The uncertain seventies: From Nixon to Reagan, 1969-1981 -- 18. The United States and the World, 1969-2000 -- 19. Limited Victories: from Reagan to Clinton, 1981-2000 -- 20. Extending the twentieth century, 2001-12 -- Appendix A: Presidential Elections, 1900-2012 -- Appendix B: Party composition of Congress, 1901-2013
2nd ed
First published as Twentieth-Century America, 2004
Physical Description
xii, 332 p. ;, 25 cm

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