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Labour law in Italy, Tiziano Treu ; general editor : Roger Blanpain ; associate general editor : Michele Colucci - pbk

Table Of Contents
General Features -- The Historical Background -- Definitions and Notions -- Government Institutions and their Functions -- Sources of Labour Law -- The Individual Employment Relationship : Definitions and Concepts -- The Rights and Duties of the Parties During the Employment Relationship -- Working Time and Holidays -- Remuneration and Benefits -- The Suspension (of the Execution) of the Labour Contract -- The End of the Individual Labour Contract -- Public Incentives for Employment -- Covenant of Non-competition; Inventions by Employees; Statute of Limitations -- The Settlement of Labour Disputes -- Trade Union Freedom -- The Trade Unions and the Employers’ Associations -- Institutionalised Relations between Employers and Trade Unions: Legal Support for Trade Union Activities at Plant Level -- Collective Bargaining -- Workers’ and Union Participation in the Enterprise -- Industrial Conflict -- Prevention and Settlement of Industrial Conflicts
Literary Form
non fiction
4th ed
"This book was originally published as a monograph in the International encyclopaedia of law/Labour law and industrial relations."
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248 p. :, ill. ;, 24 cm

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