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Gender and migration, a gender-sensitive approach to migration dynamics, edited by Christiane Timmerman ...[et al.] - paperback

Considering the dynamic and reciprocal relationship between gender relations and migration, the contributions in this book approach migration dynamics from a gender-sensitive perspective. Bringing together insights from various fields of study, it is demonstrated how processes of social change occur differently in distinct life domains, over time, and across countries and/or regions, influencing the relationship between gender and migration. Detailed analysis by regions, countries, and types of migration reveals a strong variation regarding levels and features of female and male migration. This approach enables us to grasp the distinct ways in which gender roles, perceptions, and relations, each embedded in a particular cultural, geographical, and socioeconomic context, affect migration dynamics. Hence, this volume demonstrates that gender matters at each stage of the migration process. In its entirety, 'Gender and Migration' gives evidence of the unequivocal impact of gender and gendered structures, both at a micro and macro level, upon migrant?s lives and of migration on gender dynamics
Table Of Contents
Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Introduction; Part I: Gendered structures and relations; 1. Labour migration from South Caucasus: A lost chance for women's empowerment; 2. 'Marriage of convenience' regulations in Portugal: gendered constructions of (il)legality; 3. Immigration controls creating highly skilled precarious workers: South American migrant women's and men's professional trajectories in the care and academic sectors; 4. Cyber space: A refuge for hegemonic masculinity among Polish migrants in the UK; 5. Future: Nowhere? -- Stories of young Roma girls from Neapolitan peripheries Part II: Migration trajectories: origins and destinations6. Gender discrimination as a driver of female migration; 7. Foreign domestic servants in Antwerp: A comparative regional approach on female migration trajectories to nineteenth-century European cities; 8. The vulnerable refugee woman, from Damascus to Brussels; 9. Women in Mediterranean asylum flows: Current scenario and ways forward; 10. Gendered Migration Aspirations in Turkey: The importance of the 'Culture of Migration'; Conclusion; About the authors
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non fiction
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268 pages, illustrations, 24 cm.
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