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Geopolitics and the great powers in the twenty-first century, multipolarity and the revolution in strategic perspective, C. Dale Walton - ebk

This book argues that in the twenty-first century Eastern Eurasia will replace Europe as the theater of decision in international affairs, and that this new geographic and cultural context will have a strong influence on the future of world affairs. For half a millenium, the great powers have practised what might be called "world politics" yet during that time Europe, and small portions of the Near East and North Africa strategically vital to Europe, were the "centers of gravity" in international politics. This book argues that the "unipolar moment" of the post-Cold War era will not be replaces by a US-China "Cold War", but rather by a long period of multipolarity in the twenty-first century
Literary Form
non fiction
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viii, 141 p. ;, 24 cm

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