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Cosmopolitan Ireland, globalisation and quality of life, Carmen Kuhling and Kieran Keohane - pbk

Table Of Contents
Globalisation and social inequality in Ireland. Economics: social inequality and the Celtic tiger -- Politics: continuity and change in Irish political culture -- The diversification and commodification of Irish identity. Culture: race and multiculturalism in Ireland -- Consumption: Guinness, Ballygowan and Riverdance: the globalisation of Irish identity -- Globalisation and quality of life in Ireland. Depression: The melancholy spirit of the Celtic tiger -- Binge drinking and overeating: globalisation and insatiability -- Beyond 'consumer citizenship' and neoliberalism: cosmopolitanising Ireland. Social welfare and redistribution: taxation and civic health -- Education and recognition: the cultivation of a cosmopolitan imaginary -- Conclusion: a cosmopolitan ethics for a postnational society
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
viii, 247 p. ;, 22 cm

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