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The Eurasian project and Europe, regional discontinuities and geopolitics, edited by David Lane, Vsevolod Samokhvalov

Considering the Eurasian project from a variety of historical, philosophical, political, economic and geo-political perspectives, this volume traces the birth, evolution and re-birth of Eurasian regionalism. It examines the historical and philosophical background of Eurasia and addresses the discursive construction of the Eurasian concept in the contemporary period, contrasting and comparing with the formation of the European Union. Looking afresh at the politics and economics of Eurasian integration in a global context, this book offers a highly topical assessment of the region's presence in the ideological agendas and nation-building programmes of its member states - Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus - and its geo-strategic relevance in world politics
Table Of Contents
Eurasian Integration as a Response to Neoliberal Globalization / David Lane -- The Eurasian Vector of Russia’s Development / Ovsey Shkaratan -- The Asiatic Roots and Rootedness of the Eurasian Project / Prajakti Kalra and Siddharth Saxena -- Eurasian Integration: A Project for the 21st Century? / Richard Sakwa -- Eurasianism and Putin’s Embedded Civilizationalism / Ray Silvius -- Putin’s Eurasian Dialectic / Paul Benjamin Richardson -- Ideology and Interests in Putin’s Construction of Eurasia / Peter J. S. Duncan -- Eurasia as Discursive Literary Space at the Millennium / Tatiana Filimonova -- European Union Emulation in the Design of Integration / Rilka Dragneva and Kataryna Wolczuk -- Economic Developments and Institutional Obstacles to the Eurasian Project / Ruslan Dzarasov -- Ukraine and Eurasian Regionalism: A Case of Holding Together Integration / Vsevolod Samokhvalov -- The European Union and Russia: Prospects for Cohabitation in the Contested Region / Elena A. Korosteleva -- Roles and Realities in Russian Foreign Policy / P. N. Chatterje-Doody
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xv, 225 p., ill., 23 cm

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