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The new French law of contract, Solène Rowan.

'The New French Law of Contract' analyses new general principles of contract law in the reformed Code in a concise and illuminating way. By examining how the new articles affirm or depart from the provisions of the 1804 Code and pre-reform case law, it gives special attention to controversial changes and the debates that surround them
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Cover -- The New French Law of Contract -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Table of Cases -- Table of Legislation and Other Materials -- 1. The Genesis of the New French Law of Contract -- A The Reasons for the Reforms -- 1 An outdated and incomplete statement of contract law -- 2 Loss of international influence -- 3 Lack of appeal to international business -- B The Objectives of the Reform -- C The Long Road to Reform -- PART I: INTRODUCTION TO THE KEY PRINCIPLES OF CONTRACT LAW -- 2. The Place of Contract Law in the Law of Obligations and the Sources of Contract Law -- A The Place of Contract Law within the Law of Obligations -- B The Main Sources of French Contract Law -- 1 Legislation -- 2 Decided cases -- 3 The important role of academic writings -- 3. Introductory Provisions: The Definition of Contract, the Fundamental Principles of Contract Law, and the Classification of Contract -- A Definition of Contract -- B The Fundamental Principles of Contract Law -- 1 Freedom of contract -- 2 The binding force of contract -- 3 Good faith -- C Classification of Contract -- 1 Traditional classifications of contract -- 2 Classifications of contract newly introduced by the reforms -- D Concluding Observations -- PART II: FORMATION OF THE CONTRACT -- 4. The Agreement -- A Pre- Contractual Negotiations -- 1 Freedom to contract limited by a principle of good faith -- 2 A general duty to provide information -- B Offer and Acceptance -- 1 Offer -- 2 Acceptance -- C Intention to Create Legal Relations -- 1 Social and domestic agreements, gentlemen's agreements, and agreements in principle -- 2 Pre- contractual agreements -- D Concluding Observations -- 5. The Validity of the Contract -- A Defects Vitiating Consent -- 1 Mistake (erreur) -- 2 Fraud (dol) -- 3 Duress (violence) -- B Illegality -- 1 The removal of the requirement of a legal cause
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This edition also issued in print: 2022
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