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Europe in crisis, a structural analysis, Leila Simona Talani, editor

With contributions from a range of expert scholars in European economics, politics and social policy, this edited collection analyses the crisis in Europe by exploring the structural asymmetries of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the European monetary integration. Structured in two parts, the chapters in this book discuss the impact of the global financial crisis on the Euro area; the failed implementation of the Lisbon Strategy; wage imbalances in the Eurpoean labour market; the development of EU financial regulation; the Greek debt crisis; and the relationship between Italy and the EMU. The conclusion to the book puts forward a potential way out of the European crisis and argues that the correct measures, thus far, have not been taken to bolster financial stability. In Europe in crisis, Talani and her contributors aim to identify the impact of the crisis on the future of the EMU and the EU project as a whole
Table Of Contents
Introduction: Europe in crisis, a structural analysis / Leila Simona Talani -- The Eurozone crisis : between the Global Financial Crisis and the structural imbalances of the EMU / Leila Simona Talani -- EMU and structural reform / Annette Bongardt and Francisco Torres -- Wage imbalances in the European labour market / Stefan Collignon -- The institutional architecture of EU financial regulations : the case of the European supervisory authorities in the aftermath of the European crisis / Gianni Lo Schiavo and Alexander Türk -- Class and politics in the Greek debt crisis / Vassilis K. Fouskas and Constantine Dimoulas -- Assessing the Italian experience in the Eurozone / Leila Simona Talani -- The pros and cons of "de facto" Polish opting-out of the EMU / Serena Giusti and Lucia Tajoli -- Conclusion: Out of the present European crisis : Questions and alternatives / Pascal Petit
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