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Dynamics of the earth system : evolution, processes and interactions, contributions from Scientific Ocean Drilling, edited by Dhananjai K. Pandey, M. Ravichandran, Nisha Nair

This book highlights Indian scientific endeavours and contributions to answering the vast multitude of questions posed by our changing environment. The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) explores Earth’s history and dynamics using deep ocean drilling platforms to recover the data locked inside seafloor sediments and rocks. Since 2009, Indian scientists have been actively engaged in these expeditions. Scientists from various Earth Science disciplines have seized this opportunity to offer their expertise in order to help unravel the mysteries of the past – by delving deep into the valuable sedimentary records of our oceans. This book presents a compilation of some of their most important findings to motivate and encourage young minds for their enhanced role in the cutting edge science of ocean drilling
Table Of Contents
Scientific drilling in the Indian Ocean: An Earth system process perspective -- Morphological and chemical properties of microtektite grains from Bay of Bengal (IODP Expedition 354) -- Assessing Mid-Pleistocene to Holocene Sea-ice Extent and Carbonate Compensation Depth fluctuations in the Japan Sea: a multiproxy approach -- Modern Radiolarians Recovered from the mudline samples at IODP-341 sites in the South Alaska Basin, North East Pacific Ocean -- Carbon Stable Isotope Source Signature of Bulk Organic Matter in Middle Bengal Fan Sediment Collected During IODP Expedition 354 -- Geochemistry of Marine Carbonates from Hole 1394, off the coast of Montserrat, IODP Expedition-340; Implications on provenance, paleoenvironment and Lesser Antilles arc migration -- Morpho-taxonomy of Corycaeid cyclopoids from Lakshadweep Sea, South Eastern Arabian Sea- a part of the Indian Ocean -- Sedimentological attributes and quartz microtexture in the levee sediments of a submarine channel in context of the East Antarctic ice sheet fluctuations: A study from site U-1359 of IODP-318 expedition -- Late Quaternary sedimentation and slope failure events on the Costa Rican margin -- Mt COI sequence-based barcoding of calanoid copepods from lagoon waters of Lakshadweep, South-West coast of India -- A Summary of the South China Sea Evolution -- Microbial Community Profile and Deep-sea sediment of Eastern Arabian Sea (IODP 355)
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1st ed. 2020.
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