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The dragon extends its reach, Chinese military power goes global, Larry M. Wortzel - electronic

China has evolved from a nation with local and regional security interests to a major economic and political power with global interests, investments, and political commitments. It now requires a military that can project itself around the globe, albeit on a limited scale, to secure its interests. Therefore, as the author explains, the Chinese Communist Party leadership has charged the People's Liberation Army (PLA) with new and challenging missions that require global capabilities. Advances in technology and the development of indigenous weapons platforms in China, combined with reactions to modern conflicts, have produced a military force very different from that which China has fielded in the past. The author presents a clear and sobering picture of the PLA's modernization effort as it expands into space and cyberspace, and as it integrates operations in the traditional domains of war
Table Of Contents
The PLA's role in China's foreign policy -- C4ISR -- Naval modernization, strategy, programs, and policies -- The PLA Air Force and China's approaches to aerospace -- Modernized ground forces, doctrine, and missions -- Strategic rocket forces, nuclear doctrine, and deterrence -- Space systems, space control, and nuclear forces -- Information age warfare and INEW -- The general political department and information operations -- Challenges posed by the Chinese military
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
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xv, 240 pages, illustrations, 23 cm

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