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Critical Theory and the Critique of Antisemitism, edited by Marcel Stoetzler

This volume provides a systematic re-examination of the Frankfurt School's theory of antisemitism and, employing this critical theory, investigates the presence of antisemitism in 20th- and 21st-century politics and society. <i>Critical Theory and the Critique of Antisemitism </i>uncovers how critical theory differs from mainstream socialist or liberal critiques of antisemitism, as it frames its rejection of antisemitism in the critique of other aspects of modern capitalist society, which traditional theories leave unchallenged or critique only in passing. Amongst others, these include issues of identity, nation, race, and sexuality. In exploring the Frankfurt School's writings on antisemitism therefore, the chapters in this book reveal connections to other pressing societal issues, such as racism more broadly, patriarchy, statism, and the societal dynamics of the ever-evolving capitalist mode of production. Putting the theory to practice, this volume brings together interdisciplinary scholars and activists who employ critical theory to scrutinise right- and left-wing manifestations of antisemitism. They develop, in their critique of antisemitism, a critique of capitalism, as the authors ask: why does modern capitalist society seem bound to produce antisemitism? And how do we challenge it? At a time when the rise of populism internationally has brought with it new strains of antisemitism, this is an essential resource that demonstrates the continuing relevance of the critical theory of the Frankfurt School for the struggle against antisemitism today
Table of contents
<i>Contents</i> <i>List of contributors</i> Introduction: Critical Theory's Critique of Antisemitism,<i> Marcel Stoetzler (Bangor University, UK)</i> <i> </i><b>Part I: Elements </b> 1. The Critical Theory of Antisemitism and the Limits of Enlightenment, <i>Jordi Maiso </i><i> (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)</i> 2. Antisemitism in the British 'New Liberalism' Movement: J. A. Hobson on Capitalism and Imperialism, <i>Matthew Bolton</i> <i>(Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)</i> 3. Antisemitism and the Critique of Society as Economic Object, <i>Werner Bonefeld</i> <i>(University of York, UK)</i> 4. Jews and other 'others': Identity and constellation in intersectional and critical theory<i> Christine Achinger (University of Warwick, UK)</i> 5. Antisemitism, Anti-capitalism, Community: (Con)fusing Reft and Light, <i>Marcel Stoetzler </i><i>(Bangor University, UK)</i> <i> </i><b>Part II: Extensions</b> 6. 'Pathic' Identification in Populist Movements: The Spectre of Antisemitism in Right and Left Protest, <i>Patrick Ahern (University of Dayton, USA)</i> 7. Ancient Aliens Down to Earth: Conspiracy Theories, Antisemitism and 'Anonymous Authority', <i>Joan Braune</i> <i>(Gonzaga University, USA)</i> 8. Antisemitism, Antiblackness and the Nation in the Storming of the US Capitol, <i>Christopher D. Wright</i> <i>(Independent Scholar, USA)</i> 9. Antisemitism and Racism 'After Auschwitz': Adorno on the 'Hellish Unity' of 'Permanent Catastrophe',<i> Jonathon Catlin</i> <i>(Princeton University, USA)</i> 10. Antisemitism, Center-Periphery Dynamics and Anti-Zionism in Poland Today, <i>Anna Zawadzka (Institute of Slavic Studies, Poland)</i> 11. Labour, Antisemitism and the Critique of Political Economy <i>Matthew Bolton </i><i>(Technische Universität Berlin, Germany) </i><i>and Frederick Harry Pitts </i><i>(University of Bristol, UK)</i> <i> Index</i>
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