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The bourgeois charm of Karl Marx & the ideological irony of American jurisprudence, by Dana Neacsu

"The Bourgeois Charm of Karl Marx & the Ideological Irony of American Jurisprudence employs a well-known body of work, Marx's, to explain the inevitable limits of scholarship, in hopes to encourage academic boldness, and diversity, especially within American jurisprudence. While scholarly meaning-making has been addressed in specific academic areas, mostly linguistics and philosophy, it has never been addressed in a triangular relationship between the text (T1) and its instigator (S1), as well as its subsequent interpellator (S2). Furthermore, while addressed as a result of difference, it has never been addressed for today's liberal theory, which includes liberal jurisprudence, through the mirror of Marxist difference. Scholarship is the unique product of the instigator's private and public subjectivity, as all theory is aimed to be communicated and used by the scholarly community and beyond. Understanding its public life, textual instigators (S1) aim to control its meaning employing various research methods to observe reality and then to convey their narrative, or 'philosophy'. But meaning is not fixed; it is negotiated by S1 and those theories interpellate (S2), according to their own private and public subjectivity, which covers their ideology. Negotiated meaning is always a surprise to both S1 and S2, surprise which is both ironic and ideological. The book has ten chapters, an index and a list of references"
Table of contents
Introduction -- Contextualizing Marx : Differentiating to Embrace or to Reject? -- Marxian or Marxism : Labels Differentiating Content or Fabricating Difference? -- Textual Differences and Marx's Interdisciplinary Dialectics -- Private Subjectivity, Alienation and Theory Production -- Ideology as Public (Political) Subjectivity -- The Irony of Scholarship Production -- Ideological Irony : S₂ Actuating T₁'s Meaning -- The Bearable Lightness of Jurisprudential Irony -- Ironical Ideology, Difference of Meaning and Philosophical Camaraderie -- Irony, Jurisprudential Meaning-Making and Ideological Camaraderie -- Summary and Conclusion
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