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(Re)discovering university autonomy., the global market paradox of stakeholder and educational values in higher education, edited by Romeo V. Turcan, John E. Reilly and Larisa Bugaian

Governments in all parts of the world are engaged in radical reform and reshaping of higher education to achieve economic, social and political objectives. They recognize that to achieve their objectives they need institutions which have autonomy and more freedom to help realise their goals. The challenge is to define autonomy and what forms will best meet the needs of governments, institutions, and other stakeholders. Turcan, Reilly, and Bugaian have developed a new and critical understanding of university autonomy by bringing together original case studies based on a holistic view of university autonomy. The authors evaluate university autonomy by introducing five interfaces that characterize external and internal interactions between modern universities and their key stakeholders. "(Re)Discovering University Autonomy" has far-reaching implications for leaders and managers, researchers, educators, practitioners, and policy makers by addressing modern challenges to university autonomy in Europe and beyond in a new and innovative way
Table Of Contents
PART I: introduction 1. The Challenge of University Autonomy / John E. Reilly, Romeo V. Turcan, Larisa Bugaian -- PART II: GOVERNMENT-UNIVERSITY INTERFACE -- 2. Higher Education, Governance, and Academic Freedom / William M. Bowen, Michael Schwartz -- 3. Cultural and Constitutional Embeddedness of University Autonomy in Lithuania / Zilvinas Martinaitis, Simonas Gausas, Agne Paliokaite -- 4. Higher Education in India at Crossroads: The Imperative for Transcending Stagnation and Embracing Innovation / Sharad Sarin, Nikhilesh Dholakia -- 5. University Autonomy in the Age of Marketisation / Colin Simpson, Marin Marinov -- PART III: UNIVERSITY-ACADEMIC STAFF INTERFACE -- 6. University-Staff Tensions in Implementing Human Resource Autonomy in Practice: The Example of Moldova / Larisa Bugaian ... [et al.] -- 7. Staff Evaluation Systems : Shaping Autonomy through Stakeholders / Mikael Collan, Jan Stoklasa, Jana Talasova -- 8. Institutional Financial Autonomy in Practice: A Departmental Perspective / Witold Szwebs -- Part IV : Academic Staff-Students Interface -- 9 When Students Take the Lead / Erik de Graaf ... [et al.] -- 10 Autonomy Produces Unintended Consequences: Funding Higher Education through Vouchers in Lithuania / Simona Švaikauskienė and Birutė Mikulskienė -- Part V : University-Business Interface -- 11 Autonomy Mediated through University-Business Collaboration / Olav Jull Sørensen -- 12 Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation in Japan: The Pivotal Role of the University and Implications for Autonomy / Yukiko Yamaguchi and Nikhilesh Dholakia -- Part VI : University-Internationalization Interface -- 13 Combining Internationalization and Autonomy: The Case of Russia / Andrei Panibratov and Lyubov Ermolaeva -- 14 Autonomy and the Realities of Internationalization at Australian Universities: An Institutional Logics Perspective / Mark Tayar and Robert Jack -- 15 University Internationalization and University Autonomy: Toward a Theoretical Understanding / Romeo V. Turcan and Valeria Gulieva -- Part VII Conclusions / (Re)discovering university autonomy / John E. Reilly, Romeo V. Turcan and Larisa Bugaian
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