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Key thinkers of the radical right, behind the new threat to liberal democracy, edited by Mark Sedgwick

The resurgence of the radical Right in America & Europe has drawn attention to the existence of political philosophers & writers whose names are only sometimes familiar & whose thought is generally unknown. It even comes as a surprise to some that the radical Right actually has a political philosophy, other than that of Nazism or of Mussolini's Fascism, both of which in fact remain discredited & marginal. Instead, the resurgent Right draws on well-known thinkers like Nietzsche & Hegel, on less-known thinkers like Oswald Spengler & Julius Evola, & on the relatively obscure writings of living political philosophers such as Alain de Benoist in France & Alexander Dugin in Russia. Then there is a whole range of emergent thinkers, often American, some unknown, & some famous only for media stunts. This text looks at the classic canon, at the most influential modern thinkers, & at a selection of emergent thinkers
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Machine generated contents note: -- Introduction by Mark Sedgwick -- Section I: Classic Thinkers -- Chapter 1: Oswald Spengler and the Decline of the West by David Engels -- Chapter 2: Ernst Jünger and the Storm of Steel by Elliot Y. Neaman -- Chapter 3: Carl Schmitt and the Concept of the Political by Reinhard Mehring -- Chapter 4: Julius Evola and Tradition by H. Tomas Hakl -- Section II: Modern Thinkers -- Chapter 5: Alain de Benoist and the New Right by Jean-Yves Camus -- Chapter 6: Guillaume Faye and Identitarianism by Stéphane François -- Chapter 7: Paul Gottfried and Paleoconservatism by Seth Bartee -- Chapter 8: Patrick J. Buchanan and the Death of the West by Edward Ashbee -- Chapter 9: Jared Taylor and White Identity by Russell Nieli -- Chapter 10: Alexander Dugin and Eurasianism by Marlene Laruelle -- Chapter 11: Bat Ye'or and Eurabia by Sindre Bangstad -- Section III: Emergent Thinkers -- Chapter 12: Mencius Moldbug and the Reactionary Enlightenment by Joshua Tait -- Chapter 13: Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents by Graham Macklin -- Chapter 14: Richard B. Spencer and the Alt Right by Tamir Bar-On -- Chapter 15: Jack Donovan and Male Tribalism by Matthew N. Lyons -- Chapter 16: Daniel Friberg and Expressive Culture by Benjamin Teitelbaum -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index
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