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Unraveling assumptions, a primer for understanding oppression and privilege, Karen L. Suyemoto, Roxanne A. Donovan and Grace S. Kim

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Cover -- Endorsements -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- List of figures -- List of tables -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction: What This Book Is about -- 1. Preparing for Learning about Oppression and Privilege -- Why Is Talking (and Learning) about Diversity So Hard? -- Early Lessons That Some Topics Are Taboo -- Limited Educational Preparation -- Cultural Belief in Meritocracy -- Invisible Influence of Social Hierarchies -- Unraveling Assumptions through Increasing Understanding and Awareness -- What Might Come Up for You while Reading This Book -- Practices That Enhance Learning -- Curiosity -- Intellectual Humility -- Self-compassion -- Mindfulness -- Where We Are Coming from -- Where Do You Go from Here? -- SECTION ONE: Foundations: Social Construction, Power, Privilege, and Oppression -- 2. Understanding Social Construction and Culture as Foundations of Meaning Making -- Defining Culture and Social Construct -- Some Possible Responses to the Material in This Chapter -- Culture as a Foundation of Meaning -- Culture and Social Constructs: Why Diversity Statuses Matter -- Understanding Social Categories Related to Oppression and Privilege -- Differentiating Influences of Social Categories and Status from Personal Identity -- Common Factors among Categories Related to Oppression and Privilege -- Resources for Learning More about Culture and History -- 3. Understanding Power, Privilege, and Oppression -- Defining Power, Privilege, and Oppression -- Some Possible Responses to the Material in This Chapter -- Meanings of Power and Privilege -- Understanding Power -- Understanding Privilege -- Meanings of Prejudice and Oppression -- Understanding Prejudice and Stereotyping -- Understanding Oppression -- Expanding and Complicating Meanings of Oppression and Privilege
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