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A public sector journey to operational excellence, applying lean principles to public policy, Kate McGovern

A Public Sector Journey to Operational Excellence links effective government operations to the ability to accomplish bold social goals. The book illustrates how the principles and techniques of continuous improvement can be applied to public sector management and public policy development. The linkage of management to policy is woven throughout the four sections: Part 1 begins with the history and application of the principles of continuous improvement (CI). Readers are introduced to Lean and related methodology. CI principles are then juxtaposed with John M. Bernard's categorization of three stages of maturity in government. Next, guidance is provided on how to launch a CI initiative in the public sector, leading to a discussion of public administration in theory and practice. Part 2 examines the application of CI to governmental operations. Examples, such as the VA's hiring process, underscore the need to Lean bureaucratic and regulatory processes. Profiles of CI work in several states illustrate both the potential and the pitfalls, leading to recommendations for an optimal model. Part 3 acknowledges that among the responsibilities of government, the public policy function is the most difficult to Lean. It discusses the complexities inherent in government since the public policy is both a political and an administrative function. Toyota Kata methodology is illustrated, with its potential application to the challenges of policy development. It could be a force multiplier when civics and politics meet CI. Part 4 links the promise of CI to make government more effective, enabling it to solve complex problems. Strategies are proposed to overcome the threats and sustain the gains in these initiatives. Cognizant of the many challenges, the book closes with a range of recommendations and a reflection on the purpose of government
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Cover -- Endorsements -- Half Title -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- About the Author -- Introduction -- The Next Frontier for Practitioners: Lean for Social Good -- The Word "Lean" -- What's in This Book -- Case Studies and Profiles of Practitioners -- Overview of Lean and Toyota Kata -- Tour of the Four Sections -- SECTION I THE FOUNDATION OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND OPERATIONAL MATURITY -- 1 Introduction to Lean and Continuous Improvement -- Tracing the Roots of Quality Management -- By Any Other Name -- 2 The Three Stages of Maturity in State Government -- Maturity Level One: Reaction-Driven -- Maturity Level Two: Results-Driven -- Support for Results-Driven Work -- We Don't Know What We Don't Know -- Optimal Components for Results-Driven Government -- Maturity Level Three: Social-Good-Driven-Helping People Thrive -- 3 The Kaizen Concept -- Launching a Lean Initiative with a Kaizen -- Chartering -- Assessment of Value -- Expertise: Imported or Home Grown -- Funding Stream Barriers -- Integrating IT -- Learning Other CI Tools -- Training to Build Capacity -- Setting a Foundation -- 4 Lean Management -- A Management Trifecta for the Public Sector -- Government Is Different. And It's Not -- Achieving a Culture of Continuous Improvement -- Failure to Launch -- Attrition Poses a Similar Threat -- Arrested Development Is Not All Bad News -- Story of a Lean Leader, the Impact of Lean Thinking, and the Culture of Continuous Improvement -- USNH -- A Lean Project That Streamlined an Administrative Process -- Envisioning an Ideal Future State -- 5 Theory and Practice -- The Theory of Administrative Conservatorship -- Motive Matters in Risk Avoidance -- Mission-Driven Public Servants -- Integration of Theory and Practice -- SECTION II LEANING GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS -- 6 Breaking Bad Bureaucracy
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