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Global value chains in a postcrisis world, a development perspective, Olivier Cattaneo, Gary Gereffi, and Cornelia Staritz, editors - electronic

"After reviewing the mechanisms underpinning the transmission of economic shocks in a world economy where trade and GVCs play increasing roles, the book assesses the impact of the crisis on global trade, production, and demand in a variety of sectors, including apparel, automobiles, electronics, commodities, and off-shore services. The book offers insights on the challenges and opportunities for developing countries, with a particular focus on entry and upgrading possibilities in GVCs postcrisis. Business strategies and related changes in GVCs are also examined, and the book offers concrete policy recommendations and suggests a number of interventions that would allow developing countries to better harness the benefits of the recovery." -- publisher
Table Of Contents
Global value chains in a postcrisis world : resilience, consolidation, and shifting end markets / Olivier Cattaneo, Gary Gereffi, and Cornelia Staritz -- Trade, crisis, and recovery : restructuring global value chains / William Milberg and Deborah Winkler -- Global value chains and the crisis : reshaping international trade elasticity? / Hubert Escaith, Nannette Lindenberg, and Sébastien Miroudot -- Global value chains, the crisis, and the shift of markets from North to South / Raphael Kaplinsky and Masuma Farooki -- The global apparel value chain, trade, and the crisis : challenges and opportunities for developing countries / Gary Gereffi and Stacey Frederick -- Effects of the 2008-09 crisis on the automobile industry in developing countries : a global value chain perspective / Johannes Van Biesebroeck and Timothy J. Sturgeon -- Global value chains in the electronics industry : was the crisis a window of opportunity for developing countries? / Timothy J. Sturgeon and Momoko Kawakami -- What happens when the market shifts to China? The Gabon timber and Thai cassava value chains / Raphael Kaplinsky, Anne Terheggen, and Julia Tijaja -- The offshore services value chain : developing countries and the crisis / Gary Gereffi and Karina Fernandez-Stark
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non fiction
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xxi, 391 p. :, ill. ;, 23 cm

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