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The United Nations in international history, Sayward, Amy L

"The United Nations in International History" integrates more traditional diplomacy between states with new trends in transnational and cultural history to explore the organization and its role in 20th century history. Amy Sayward looks at the United Nations system and its international work in the key arenas of diplomacy, social & economic development programs, peace-keeping, and human rights. This volume provides a concise introduction to the broad array of international work done by the United Nations, synthesizes the existing interdisciplinary literature and highlights areas in need of further research, making it ideal for students and beginning researchers
Table Of Contents
The National and International Origins of the United Nations -- The Cold War Borderland -- Preventing War and Promoting Peace through Social and Economic Programs -- The Development Enterprise -- Making and Keeping the Peace -- The Middle East and the United Nations -- Defining Human Rights, International Justice, and Genocide
Physical Description
336 p., 24 cm, ill.

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