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Understanding Payments, A Whistle-Stop Tour into What You Thought You Knew, Neira Jones

This book enables new and experienced payments practitioners alike to understand the fundamentals of the various payment ecosystems, and to quickly get up to speed on developments in the industry. Also including an extensive, comprehensive glossary of payments-related terms, this book will be used as an essential reference for years to come
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Endorsements Page -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- About the Author -- Introduction -- Payments are Pervasive -- Payments Evolve Fast -- Payments are Complicated -- Payments made Simple and Accessible -- Why I Wrote this Book -- 1 Card Payments Mechanics -- Overview and Jargon Buster (Making Sense of it All) -- Main Card Ecosystem Actors -- New Card Ecosystem Actors -- Terminology Mapping -- Ecosystem Actors and Models (who's Zoomin Who?) -- The Four Party Model -- The Three Party Model -- The Two Party Model (Closed Loop) -- Market Dynamics (Round and Round it Goes) -- The Acquiring Market -- Card Schemes -- The Issuing Market -- Where Next? -- Authorisation, Clearing, and Settlement (Show me the Money!) -- Authorisation -- Clearing -- Settlement -- Exceptions and Disputes (You need to Calm Down) -- Retrieval -- Refund -- Chargeback -- Card Payments Data (Too Much Information) -- What's in a Card Transaction? -- What's in a Card? (PAN, BIN, EMV, etc.) -- Card Payments Authentication (I am what I am) -- Face-to-face Environments, also known as Card Present (CP) -- Remote Environments, also known as Card Not Present (CNP) -- 3D Secure -- Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - PCI DSS (Safe from Harm) -- What is the PCI DSS? -- Who Enforces the PCI DSS? -- What are the Requirements for PCI DSS Compliance? -- How do you Validate Compliance with the PCI DSS? -- Protecting Cardholder Data -- Card Payments Mechanics - Conclusion (where do we go from Here?) -- 2 Card Payments Economics -- Costs and Value Chain (what do you do for money, honey?) -- Infrastructure Costs -- Operational Costs -- Value Chain -- Merchant Models and Contract Types (it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it) -- Merchant Onboarded Directly by an Acquirer -- Merchant Recruited by an ISO
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