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The once and future liberal, after identity politics, Mark Lilla - pbk

"In The Once and Future Liberal, Mark Lilla offers an impassioned, tough-minded, and stinging look at the failure of American liberalism over the past two generations. Although there have been Democrats in the White House, and some notable policy achievements, for nearly forty years the vision that Ronald Reagan offered -- small government, lower taxes, and self-reliant individualism -- has remained the country's dominant political ideology. And the Democratic Party has offered no convincing competing vision in response. Driven originally by a sincere desire to protect the most vulnerable Americans, the left has now unwittingly balkanized the electorate, encouraged self-absorption rather than solidarity, and invested its energies in social movements rather than in party politics. The left's identity-focused individualism insidiously conspired with the amoral economic individualism of the Reaganite right to shape an electorate with little sense of a shared future and near-contempt for the idea of the common good. In the contest for American imagination, liberals have abdicated. Now they have an opportunity to reset. The left is motivated, and the Republican Party, led by an unpredictable demagogue, is in ideological disarray. It is now time to reach out and start convincing people from every walk of life and in every region of the country that liberals will stand up for them. We must appeal to a sense of common destiny among Americans, and a sense of duty to one another." -- Back cover
Table Of Contents
Introduction: The abdication -- Anti-politics -- Pseudo-politics -- Politics
Literary Form
non fiction
Originally published: London : HarperCollins Publishers, 2017
Physical Description
ix, 141 p., 21 cm

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