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EU Internet Law in the Digital Single Market, edited by Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou, Philippe Jougleux, Christiana Markou, Thalia Prastitou-Merdi

With the ongoing evolution of the digital society challenging the boundaries of the law, new questions are arising – and new answers being given – even now, almost three decades on from the digital revolution. Written by a panel of legal specialists and edited by experts on EU Internet law, this book provides an overview of the most recent developments affecting the European Internet legal framework, specifically focusing on four current debates. Firstly, it discusses the changes in online copyright law, especially after the enactment of the new directive on the single digital market. Secondly, it analyzes the increasing significance of artificial intelligence in our daily life. The book then addresses emerging issues in EU digital law, exploring out of the box approaches in Internet law. It also presents the last cyber-criminality law trends (offenses, international instrument, behaviors), and discusses the evolution of personal data protection. Lastly, it evaluates the degree of consumer and corporate protection in the digital environment, demonstrating that now, more than ever, EU Internet law is based on a combination of copyright, civil, administrative, criminal, commercial and banking laws
Table Of Contents
Part I - Copyright Law in the Digital Single Market: 1 Copyright and Fundamental Rights in the Digital Single Market by Bernd Justin Jütte -- 2 Direct and wider implications of the CJEU’s decision in the Spiegel Online case on freedom of expression and other fundamental rights by Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou -- 3 How Article 17 of the Digital Single Market Directive should be implemented: A personal view by Victor Castro Rosa -- 4 Fairness in Copyright Contract Law - Remuneration for authors and performers under the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive by Yannos Paramythiotis -- 5 The new mandatory teaching exception or limitation (Art. 5 of the DSM Directive): securing its application in the digital and cross – border environment(s), while losing the way to harmonization? by Anna Despotidou -- 6 Digital exhaustion after Tom Kabinet: a non-exhausted debate by Caterina Sganga -- 7 Does copyright support musical creativity in a remix era? by Giorgos D. Vrakas -- 8 Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and Freedom of Expression: EU’s Online Dilemma by Sevra Guler Guzel -- Part II - AI Law in the Digital Single Market: 9 AI Governance as a patchwork: The regulatory and geopolitical approach of AI at international and European level by Cristina Vanberghen and Alexandra Vanberghen -- 10 Unboxing the Black Box of Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Transparency and/or a Right to Functional Explainability by Apostolos Vorras and Lilian Mitrou -- 11 Copyright law and algorithmic creativity: Monopolizing inspiration? by Theodoros Chiou -- Part III - Emerging Issues in EU Digital Law: 12 The duties and responsibilities of an Internet news portal as regards online comments posted by users in the ECHR case law by Costas Paraskeva -- 13 The Global Reach of EU Law in the Digital Age: The Territorial Scope of Data Protection by Ioanna Hadjiyianni -- Part IV - Fighting Cyber Criminality: European and National Approaches: 14 Legal aspects of malicious cryptomining in EU by Philippe Jougleux -- 15 Combatting the cybercrime: Thoughts on the basis of Second Additional Protocol (draft) to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime by Vagia Polyzoidou -- 16 Criminal Law Responses to ‘Revenge Porn’ in Cyprus and England: Identification of the Offence and the Need for Legislative Regulations and Prevention by Nikolaos Zeniou -- 17 Opening Pandora's box: IoT and Cybersecurity aspects to consider while regulating by Yianna Danidou -- Part V - Privacy and Information Self-determination in the Digital Age: 18 Viewing Mediation under the GDPR lens by Komninos Komnios -- 19 Targeted advertising in the digital era: Modern challenges to consumer privacy and economic freedom. The responses of the EU legal order by Eleni Tzoulia -- 20 Does Online Privacy Exist in the GDRP Era? The Google Voice Assistant Case by Tine Munk -- 21 3D Printing - Clarifying Legal Principles and Concepts by Geraint Howells, Christian Twigg-Flesner and Chris Willett -- 22 Private Law Considerations in the context of Apps’ Distribution via App stores by Ioannis Iglezakis, Vasiliki Samartzi, Ria Papadimitriou and Evgenia Smyrnaki -- Part VI - Consumer and Corporate Protection in the Digital Environment: 23 The notion of “online intermediation services” found in the new EU Platform Regulation: Who is caught afterall? by Thalia Prastitou Merdi -- 24 Loot Boxes, Gambling, and the Challenge of Regulating Random Chance Purchases in Videogames by Juan A. Salmerón Henríquez -- 25 Third-party Liability of Manufacturers of Automated Vehi-cles for over-the-air Updates by Michael Chatzipanagiotis -- 26 The nature of rights upon cryptocurrencies by Evripidis Rizos -- 27 Consumer Protection and Digital Currencies in the EU: A Comparative Analysis between Fiat Currencies and Blockchain Payment Methods by Anna Plevri
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1st ed. 2021.
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