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Food security, food safety, food quality, current developments and challenges in European Union law, Ines Härtel, Roman Budzinowski (eds.) - Hart

Today security, quality and the availability of food are very important. The complex relations of the above mentioned issues evole in different fields of law. This book edited by Ines Hartel and Roman Budzinowski covers a wide range of topics via analysis and discussion in the European context, such as the right to food, Common Agricultural Policy, contractual relations and value chains in the agri-food sector, organic farming, food production safety issues, questions of food labelling, Health Claims, Novel Food, Patents, the role of institutions such as EFSA, the responsibility of trade and CSR. Legal frameworks, essential concerns and future developments of food security, food safety and food quality are the basis for discussion and solution finding
Table Of Contents
The right to food : normative references in the multi-level system / Ines Härtel -- Food-related challenges of the Common Agricultural Policy in the context of the development of agricultural law / Roman Budzinowski -- The role of the European Food Safety Authority in shaping the safety and quality of food / Adam Zielinski -- Legal aspects of the concept of food and of production methods / Katarzyna Leśkiewicz -- Requirements for the safety of food commodities / Christian Thomas -- Patents on food : important questions in a world of radical changes / Christina A. Flaskühler -- Responsibility of the distributor for food labelling : a revolution? / Agnieszka Szymecka-Wesołowska -- The new opt-out rule : new challenges in the multi-level system of the usage of GMOs / Johanna Monien -- Food safety and food security in the light of the European Court of Justice judgment concerning the presence of GMO's pollen in honey and its influence on the Honey Directive and relevant existing legislation / Krzysztof Różański -- New regulation on novel foods / Łukasz Mikołaj Sokołowski -- Health claims : challenges and chances for management decisions in food industry / Mathias Olbrisch -- Food quality in history : the genesis of the Bavarian Purity Law (beer) from 1516 until today / Daniel Brandauer -- Greening the new goal of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union for 2020 / Johan F. Stoepker -- The abuse clause in context of the redistribution premium : failure in its construction / Jan Hindahl -- Contractual relations on the EU agricultural market in the context of food security and production risk / Izabela Lipińska -- The regulation of endocrine disruptors in plant protection products : a hazard for food safety? / Anne-Kristin Mayer -- Short food supply chains in the EU law / Anna Kapała -- Organic farming 3.0 : towards a process of legal change / Mathias Olbrisch -- The participation and significance of cooperatives in food supply chains : selected legal issues / Aneta Suchoń -- The legal implementation of the principle of local residence in the Real Property Transactions Act / Hanna Schmelz -- Facilitations and difficulties in the development of common food safety standards : Codex Alimentarius and TTIP / Elisa Aust -- Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the influence on food industry / Malte Wilhelm
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