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The practice of shared responsibility in international law, edited by Andre Nollkaemper and Ilias Plakokefalos ; assistant editor Jessica N.M. Schechinger ; international military operations cluster co-edited by Jann Kleffner.

This is the third book in the series Shared Responsibility in International Law, which examines the problem of distribution of responsibilities among multiple states and other actors. In its work on the responsibility of states and international organisations, the International Law Commission recognised that attribution of acts to one actor does not exclude possible attribution of the same act to another state or organisation. Recognising that the applicable rules and procedures for shared responsibility may differ between particular issue areas, this volume reviews the practice of states, international organisations, courts and other bodies that have dealt with the issue of international responsibility of multiple wrongdoing actors in a wide range of issue areas, including energy, extradition, investment law, NATO-led operations and fisheries. These analyses jointly assess the fit of the prevailing principles of international responsibility and provide a basis for reform and further development of international law
Table Of Contents
The practice of shared responsibility : a framework for analysis / Andre Nollkaemper and Ilias Plakokefalos -- Statehood -- Internationally administered territories / Matthew Saul -- Federal states / Gleider I. Hernandez -- Territorial leases / Michael J. Strauss -- Detention and interrogation abroad : the 'extraordinary rendition' programme / Helen Duffy -- Extradition / Aristoteles Constantinides -- International drug control / Patrick Gallahue -- Cross border law enforcement / Saskia Hufnagel -- International criminal tribunals and their relation to states / Goran Sluiter -- Responsibility of states and individuals for mass atrocity crimes / Gentian Zyberi -- Ship-source marine pollution / Henrik Ringbom -- Land-based marine pollution / Yoshifumi Tanaka -- Piracy / Efthymios Papastavridis -- Fisheries / Yoshinobu Takei -- Environmental protection of the deep seabed / Ilias Plakokefalos -- Antarctica / Kees Bastmeijer -- Search and rescue operations at sea / Seline Trevisanut -- Space law / Pablo Mendes De Leon and Hanneke Van Traa -- Refoulement / Maarten Den Heijer -- Extraterritorial refugee protection / Niels Frenzen -- Private actor involvement in migrant management / Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen -- Human rights and human trafficking / Anne T. Gallagher -- United nations peacekeeping operations / Ray Murphy and Siobhan Wills -- African union operations / Ademola Abass -- North atlantic treaty organization-led operations / Marten Zwanenburg -- European union common security defence policy operations / Frederik Naert -- Coalitions of the willing / Matteo Tondini -- Occupation / Enrico Milano -- Private military contractors / Chia Lehnardt -- Arms control / Dan Joyner -- Multinational corporations / Olufemi Amao -- International investment law / Stephan Wittich -- The world trade organization and the european union and its member states in the wto / James Flett -- Transboundary water resources / Owen Mcintyre -- Transboundary movement of hazardous waste and chemicals / Katharina Kummer Peiry -- Transboundary air pollution / Peter H. Sand -- Nature conservation / Arie Trouwborst -- Climate change / Jacqueline Peel -- Liability for transboundary harm / Ilias Plakokefalos -- Energy / Catherine Redgwell -- Conclusions / Andre Nollkaemper and Ilias Plakokefalos
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