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The institutions and dynamics of the European Community, 1973-83, Johnny Laursen (ed.) - Nomos

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Introduction: Wilderness Years of European Integration,1973-83? / Johnny Laursen -- From Crisis to New Dynamics in the European Community, 1973-1983 / Anne Deighton -- Political Dynamics in an Emerging Polity: Globalisation, Transnational Relations and Europeanisation / Wolfram Kaiser -- The European Parliament and Political Careers at the Nexus of European Integration and Transnational History / Ann-Christina L. Knudsen -- From International Law to a European Rechtsgemeinschaft: Towards a New History of European Law, 1950-1979 / Bill Davies and Morten Rasmussen -- The new Cold War and the Expansion of the European Community : a Nexus? / Piers Ludlow -- Beyond deus ex machina: Rethinking the EMS creation, 1974-1979 / Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol -- The European Currency System and the European Policies of Helmut Schmidt / Guido Thiemeyer -- The EEC and Greece's Application to join the Community, 1959-1976 / Antonio Varsori -- Getting started: Agenda-setting in European Environmental Policy in the 1970s / Jan-Henrik Meyer -- Bruno Kreisky, European Integration, the German Issue and Transnational Socialist Party Cooperation / Michael Gehler
Literary Form
non fiction
"This volume is the result of the thirteenth research conference of the European Union Liaison Committee of Historians at Aarhus University."--P. 11
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312 pages, 23 cm.

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