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The Brexit effect, what leaving the EU means for British politics, Gianfranco Baldini, Edoardo Bressanelli and Emanuele Massetti

This book examines the seismic impact of Brexit on the British political system, assessing its likely long-term effect in terms of a significantly changed political and constitutional landscape
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Cover -- Endorsement Page -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- List of figures -- List of tables -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Outline of the book -- Note -- Chapter 1 The Westminster model and the UK political system before Brexit -- 1.1 Westminster, British politics, and the BPT -- 1.1.1 What's in a name? The Westminster model and British politics -- 1.1.2 The BPT, historical inheritance, and institutional persistence -- 1.2 The normative debate on the Westminster model -- 1.3 Lijphart's analytical framework: discussion and adaptation -- 1.4 The Brexit process as a case of constitutional and political change -- 1.5 The difficult Europeanisation of the UK political system -- 1.6 Referendums in the UK -- 1.7 Conclusions -- Notes -- Chapter 2 Understanding the Brexit effect -- 2.1 Introduction -- 2.2 The Brexit process: periodisation and analytical issues -- 2.3 Europeanisation and the weakening of the Westminster system -- 2.4 Back to Westminster? The impact of exiting the EU -- 2.4.1 Dimension 1: elections and the party system -- 2.4.2 Dimension 2: executive-legislative relations -- 2.4.3 Dimension 3: centre-periphery relations -- 2.4.4 Institutional change and stickiness -- 2.5 Research design and data -- Notes -- Chapter 3 Westminster preserved: Elections, party system, and the absorption of the Brexit shock -- 3.1 Introduction -- 3.2 Before Brexit: the British party system and voter alignment - from stability to turmoil -- 3.3 The institutional pillar of the two-party system: SMP and electoral legislation at other territorial levels of government -- 3.4 The Brexit effect on electoral alignments and the party system -- 3.4.1 Cleavage politics: are there new alignments and Brexit identities in the place of party identities? -- 3.4.2 The classification of party systems
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