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China and the world, balance, imbalance and rebalance, edited by Shao Binhong - hardback : alkaline paper

Table Of Contents
Thoughts on the grand change of world politics and China's international strategy / Wang Jisi -- China and the world : balance, imbalance, and rebalance / Guo Shuqing -- The rich, the poor, and China : China's responsibilities in an era of three worlds / Li Daokui -- Understanding the changing relations between China and its neighbors / Zhanng Yunling -- The China model and world order / Su Changhe -- TPP : a major challenge to China in the process of its rise / Li Xiangyang -- The rise of China and the adjustment of the international order : a case study of China's participation in the multilateral trading system / Song Hong -- Global economic recovery : an uphill battle? / Huang Haizhou, Li Zhiyong, and Wang Hui -- Structural changes of global economy and new challenges of emerging economy / Zhu Min -- Chinese national security : its missions, sequences, and major characteristics / Wang Yizhou -- Japan's search for a national identity and its historical reflections / Li Wei -- Overcome the fear of RMB appreciation / Yu Yongding -- RMB's internationalization under the system of limited exchange rate and capital account control / Zhang Bing and Xu Qiyuan -- How can RMB become an international currency? : enhancing the status and the role of SDRs in the international monetary system : prospects for the Renminbi joining the SDR basket / Qiao Yide, Xu Mingqi, Li Rui, Ge Jiafei, and Shi Qing -- China and the United States in the next decade / Zhang Weiying, He Huaihong, Huang Haizhou, Yuan Yaxiang and Wang Jisi
Literary Form
non fiction
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xii, 337 p. :, ill. ;, 25 cm

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