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Print modernity in colonial Assam, Raktima Bhuyan and Sanjib Pol Deka

With the advent of print in colonial Assam, experimentation with mediums like the prose and novel became more commonplace. This book, in tracing alternative literary trends, acknowledges the simultaneous presence of premodern literary and aural practices which shaped a 'particular' modernity during this period
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Notes -- Chapter 1: The Coming of Print -- Landmark Publications of the Nineteenth Century -- Overtures -- Early Responses to Print: Variations to Standardization -- Transcribing the Texts -- Print and the Rise of the Extensive Readers -- Modernity and Premodern Verse -- Class-Print-Modernity nexus -- Civilization-Savage Debate -- Print and Public Sphere -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 2: The Curious Case of Sutika Patal: Modernity, Translation, and Women's Health -- The Sense of an Alternative/Parallel -- A "Tentative" Division -- Modernity and Premodern Verse -- The Discrete Registers of Sutika Patal's Translation -- The Inroads of Standardization -- "Indigenized" Translation(?) -- The Life and Times of the Translator -- The Publication History of Sutika Patal -- Women and Medical History -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 3: Print and the Peasant: Bhimacarita, Storytelling, and Nineteenth-Century Agriculture -- The Popularity of Bhimacarita -- The Popular Premodern Texts of Nineteenth Century: Classic vs. Colloquial -- The Flow of Storytelling: Pathak/ Bhagavati, Ojapali and Folk Culture -- Women as Storytellers -- Agriculture, Class, and Genre -- Poverty, Colonial Assam, and Bhimacarita -- Storytelling, Novel, and the New Reader -- Notes -- Chapter 4: Gendered Print(?): Models of the Ideal Feminine, Modernity, and Women's Organizations -- The Voice of/to the Widow -- The Angel in the House -- The Human Feminine -- The Educated Feminine -- The Modern vis-à-vis the Domestic -- The "Awakened" Feminine -- Notes -- Chapter 5: Textualizing Our Modernity: Print, Textbooks, and the Colonial Child -- Childhood and Print -- Childhood, Morality, and Textbooks -- Textbooks and the Project of Othering -- Women and/in the Textbook
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