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Civic engagement, digital networks, and political reform in Africa, Okoth Fred Mudhai - hbk

Table Of Contents
Pt. 1. Introduction. General introduction: Civic challenge of ruling elite via new digital media in Africa -- pt. 2. The setting. Private-public sphere: civic engagement, new media and democracy theory ; The "wave" and "spring" metaphors in networks' struggle for change ; Civic engagement, the African state and political reform ; Power and influence in the digital age: new challenges to state hegemony -- pt. 3. Continental trends and networks. Platforms and applications diffusion: civic engagement and ICT trends ; Identity and issue networks: new media, politics of belonging and change -- pt. 4. A tale of two countries: Kenya and Zambia. La luta continua: transition and disillusionment in the "second liberation" and the "third republic" ; Civic actors and the struggle for change: precursors to new social movements in Kenya and Zambia ; Unmuzzling old dogs to bark anew far and wide ; Perceptions of Kenyan and Zambian urban civic actors on their new media use in political realms -- pt. 5. Conclusion. Civic engagement, digital networks, and political reform in an increasingly open digital media environment
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non fiction
1st ed
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xx, 259 p. :, ill. ;, 23 cm

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