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Mechanical choices, the responsibility of the human machine, Michael S. Moore, University of Illinois

Mechanical Choices details the intimate connection that exists between morality and law: the morality we use to blame others for their misdeeds and the criminal law that punishes them for these misdeeds. This book shows how both law and morality presuppose the accuracy of common sense, a centuries-old psychology that defines people as rational agents who make honorable choices and act for just reasons. It then shows how neuroscience is commonly taken to challenge these fundamental psychological assumptions
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- The General Structure of Criminal Law in Terms of Ascriptive Moral Principles -- Human Actions at the Root of Moral Wrongdoing and Criminal Law's Actus Reus -- Intention and Belief at the Root of Moral Culpability and Mens Rea -- Further Questions About the Basic Distinction Between Intention and Belief -- The Royal Road to the Criminal Law's Concept of the Psychology of Persons : The Insanity Defense -- The Challenging Data of Neuroscience and the Challenges Mounted From that Data -- The Libertarian, Fictionalist, and Compatibilist Responses to Hard Determinism -- Rescuing the Volitional Excuses from Compatibilism (The Overshoot Problem for Compatibilism) -- The Epiphenomenalist Challenge -- The Initiation of the Epiphenomenalist Challenge in the Work of Benjamin Libet -- The Limited Compatibilism of Epiphenomenalism with Responsibility -- The Reductionist Challenge -- Nothing But a Pack of Neurons -- The Potential Contributions of Neuroscience to our Understanding of Addiction
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non fiction
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1 online resource (616 pages).
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