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After Kant, The Romans, the Germans, and the Moderns in the History of Political Thought, Michael Sonenscher

"A reflection on the legacy of money, law, and history in modern political thought"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Palingenesis, history and politics -- Paul Chenavard and the Pantheon -- The troglodytes, the Hebrew republic and the Germanic peoples -- Immanuel Kant and the future as history -- Kant's critics -- Ballanche, Quinet and the end of history -- Industry and individuality -- The Coppet group and the liberty of the moderns -- The ancients, the moderns and the concept of perfectibility -- The division of labour -- Positive and negative liberty -- Roman law and its legacy -- The federal alternative -- Germaine de Staël and modern politics -- Germaine de Staël and Wilhelm von Humboldt -- Enthusiasm, the imagination and the nature of modern politics -- From the concept of palingenesis to the concept of enlightenment -- Kant, palingenesis and equality -- Constituent power and the politics of reform -- Kant and Enlightenment -- The death of God and the problem of autonomy -- Germaine de Staël and the death of God -- The concept of autonomy -- Rousseau, Mendelssohn and Kant -- Autonomy and the imagination -- Friedrich Schiller and the idea of aesthetic education -- The idea of autonomy and the concept of civil society -- Disciplining the uncontrolled natural will -- Fichte and the problem of autonomy -- Schelling and subjectivity -- From autonomy to civic humanism -- Hegel and civil society -- Hegelian political economy : Stein and Dietzel -- Rudolf von Jhering and the rule of law -- Georg Jellinek and the concept of sovereignty -- From romanticism to classicism -- Humanitarianism, Hegelianism and Saint-Simonianism -- Victor Cousin and the impersonality of reason -- François Guizot and the history of civilization -- Hegelians and Saint-Simonians -- Fortoul, Sainte-Beuve and Sieyes -- The return of Rome -- Symbols, enthusiasm and culture -- The limits of rationality -- Cyprien Desmarais and the dilemmas of the modern age -- Jules Michelet and Edgar Quinet -- The romantic Renaissance -- Civil society and the state -- Towards a new synthesis : Heinrich Ahrens and Karl Christian Friedrich Krause -- Johann Kaspar Bluntschli and the theory of the modern state -- Heinrich von Treitschke and the liberal foundations of Realpolitik -- Ferdinand Lassalle and the politics of reform -- Otto von Gierke and the concept of the Genossenschaft -- From autonomy to democracy -- Felix Esquirou de Parieu and the principles of political science -- The origins of the Whig interpretation of history -- James Reddie and the Adam Smith problem -- Henry Sumner Maine and the properties of Roman law -- The politics of unsocial sociability -- History and normativity -- Joseph-Marc Hornung and Roman history -- Henry Maine and the history of the troglodytes -- Words that end in-ism -- Henry Michel and the politics of unsocial sociability -- Appendix. Lord Acton on the Romans, the Germans, and the moderns
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