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The sum of our dreams, a concise history of America, Louis P. Masur - hardcover

"This volume delivers a concise, clear round-up of American history starting from America's colonial era to current days of political disagreements and social uncertainty. Covering central themes and events of American history, Masur evaluates the contested meanings of the American dream and questions its viability"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Prologue: "Land of hope and dreams" -- To plant and to conquer -- If men were angels -- Empire of liberty -- A higher law -- Government of the people -- Survival of the fittest -- Land of promise -- This new battle -- Blowin' in the wind -- Government is the problem -- The change that we seek -- Epilogue: "Let America be America again."
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xvii, 366 p., ill., maps, 25 cm

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