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The cartel system of states, an economic theory of international politics, Avidit Acharya and Alexander Lee

Why are the citizens of neighboring regions that lie across an international border often subject to very different governance systems? In The Cartel System of States, Avidit Acharya and Alexander Lee provide a powerful and field-shaping theory to address a fundamental issue in world politics: the character of the territorial nation-state. They contend that the defining feature of the modern territorial state system works as an economic cartel in which states have local, bounded monopolies in governing their citizens. States refuse to violate each other's monopolies, even when they could do so easily. Drawing from the centuries long process of modern state formation, The Cartel System of States explains both how the present system of territorial states--by no means a foregone conclusion in retrospect--took over the world and how it might change in the future
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Intro -- Halftitle page -- Title page -- Copyright page -- Dedication page -- Contents -- List of Figures and Images -- List of Figures -- List of Images -- Acknowledgments -- 1. Introduction -- A View from the US-Canada Border -- The Questions -- The State System as an Economic Cartel -- The Origins and Growth of the Cartel -- The Development of the Cartel over Time -- The Cartel Today -- A New Theory of International Politics -- 2. The Cartel Model -- The Market for Governance -- A Simple Model -- Competition in the Governance Market -- Collusion in the Governance Market -- The Assumptions of the Model -- Closely Related Ideas -- Other Theories -- Two Claims -- 3. The Cartel Emerges -- Europe before the Cartel -- The Transformation -- The Anglo-Scottish Border -- Other Cases -- From Bilateral Cooperation to a State System -- 4. The Cartel Takes Over -- Africa and Asia before the West -- European Influence -- Imperfect Hegemony -- The Cartel Outside of Europe -- 5. Challenges to the Cartel -- Territorial Disputes -- Opportunistic Entry -- The Democratic Political Economy of the Cartel System -- Outstanding Questions and Potential Limitations -- 6. Resilience of the Cartel -- Nationalism -- International Institutions -- Beyond Territorial Governance -- 7. The Cartel Today -- A More Complex Governance Market -- Political Challenges -- The Future of the Cartel -- Notes -- Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 -- Chapter 3 -- Chapter 4 -- Chapter 5 -- Chapter 6 -- Chapter 7 -- Bibliography -- Index
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