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Protecting the poor, a microinsurance compendium, edited by Craig Churchill - v. 1

This volume provides a synthesis of new trends and practices in the growing market of microinsurance. It covers the numerous innovations that have emerged in recent years to meet the challenges of providing insurance to low-income people, from new products and delivery channels to consumer education tools. The book also reviews institutional changes in regulations, providers, and schemes."This insightful compendium makes a critical contribution to advancing financial inclusion and the impact of microinsurance around the globe."Yoshi Kawai, secretary general, International Association of Insurance Supervisors. As the microinsurance community dramatically evolves and millions more low income households have access to better insurance, Protecting the Poor will be an invaluable resource for policymakers and practitioners alike
Table Of Contents
Vol. [1]. pt. 1. Principles and practice -- 1.1. What is insurance for the poor? / Craig Churchill -- 1.2. The demand for microinsurance / Monique Cohen and Jennefer Sebstad -- 1.3. The social protection perspective on microinsurance / Christian Jacquier ... [et al.] -- pt. 2. Microinsurance products and services -- 2.1. Challenges and strategies to extend health insurance to the poor / Ralf Radermacher, Iddo Dror and Gerry Noble -- 2.2. Long-term savings and insurance / James Roth, Denis Garand and Stuart Rutherford -- 2.3. Savings- and credit-linked insurance / Sven Enarsson, Kjell Wirén and Gloria Almeyda -- 2.4. Meeting the special needs of women and children / Mosleh Ahmed and Gabriele Ramm -- pt. 3. Microinsurance operations -- 3.1. Product design and insurance risk management / John Wipf, Dominic Liber and Craig Churchill -- 3.2. Marketing microinsurance / Craig Churchill and Monique Cohen -- 3.3. Premium collection : minimizing transaction costs and maximizing customer service / Michael J. McCord, Grzegorz Buczkowski and Priyanka Saksena -- 3.4. Claims processing / Michael J. McCord and Richard Leftley -- 3.5. Pricing microinsurance products / John Wipf and Denis Garand -- 3.6. Risk and financial management / Denis Garand and John Wipf -- 3.7. Organization development in microinsurance / Craig Churchill and Richard Leftley -- 3.8. Governance / Zahid Qureshi -- 3.9. Loss control / Zahid Qureshi and Gerry Noble -- 3.10. Performance indicators and benchmarking / Denis Garand and John Wipf -- pt. 4. Institutional options -- 4.1. Cooperatives and insurance : the mutual advantage / Klaus Fischer and Zahid Qureshi -- 4.2. The partner-agent model : challenges and opportunities / Michael J. McCord -- 4.3. The community-based model : mutual health organizations in Africa / Bénédicte Fonteneau and Bruno Galland -- 4.4. Institutional options for delivering health microinsurance / Ralf Radermacher and Iddo Dror -- 4.5. Beyond MFIs and community-based models : institutional alternatives / Richard Leftley and James Roth -- 4.6. Retailers as microinsurance distribution channels / James Roth and Doubell Chamberlain -- 4.7. Microinsurance : opportunities and pitfalls for microfinance institutions / Craig Churchill and James Roth -- pt. 5. The role of other stakeholders -- 5.1. The role of donors / Alexia Latortue -- 5.2. An enabling regulatory environment for microinsurance / Martina Wiedmaier-Pfister and Arup Chatterjee -- 5.3. The promotional role of government / Sabine Trommershäuser, Roland Lindenthal and Rüdiger Krech -- 5.4. The role of insurers and reinsurers in supporting insurance for the poor / David M. Dror and Thomas Wiechers -- 5.5. The provision of technical assistance / Richard Leftley and Richard Lacasse -- pt. 6. Conclusions -- 6.1. Strategies for sustainability / Craig Churchill and Denis Garand -- 6.2. The future of microinsurance / Felipe Botero ... [et al.] -- Appendix I. Description of microinsurance providers -- Vol. 2. Current trends in microinsurance / Craig Churchill, Michael J. McCord -- The potential of microinsurance for social protection / Yvonne Deblon, Markus Loewe -- What is the impact of microinsurance? / Ralf Radermacher, Heidi McGowan, Stefan Dercon -- Microinsurance and climate change / Thomas Loster, Dirk Reinhard -- Innovations and barriers in health microinsurance / Sheila Leatherman, Lisa Jones Christensen, Jeanna Holtz -- Third-party payment mechanisms in health microinsurance / Pascale LeRoy, Jeanna Holtz -- The elusive quest for estimates of willingness to pay for health microinsurance / David Dror, Ruth Koren -- Savings in microinsurance: lessons from India / Rob Rusconi -- Improving credit life microinsurance / John Wipf, Eamon Kelly, Michael J. McCord -- Funeral insurance / Christine Haugaard, Doubell Chamberlain -- Designed for development impact: next-generation index insurance for smallholder farmers / Michael R. Carter -- Livestock insurance: helping vulnerable livestock keepers manage their risk / Anupama Sharma, Andrew Mude -- The psychology of microinsurance: small changes can make a surprising difference / Aparna Dalal, Jonathan Morduch -- Emerging practices in consumer education on risk management and insurance / Iddo Dror, Aparna Dalal, Michal Matul -- Improving client value: insights from India, Kenya, and the Philippines / Michal Matul, Clémence Tatin-Jaleran, Eamon Kelly -- Microinsurance that works for women / Anjali Banthia ... [et al.] -- Formalizing the informal insurance inherent in migration: exploring potential links between migration, remittances and microinsurance / Jennifer Powers, Barbara Magnoni, Emily Zimmerman -- Is microinsurance a profitable business for insurance companies? -- Teaching elephants to dance: the experiences of commerncial insurers in low-income markets / Janice Angrove, Martin Herrndorf, Brandon Mathews -- State and market synergies: insights from India's microinsurance success / Rupalee Ruchismita , Craig Churchill -- Pricing of microinsurance products / Denis Garand ... [et al.] -- New frontiers in microinsurance distribution -- Anja Smith, Herman Smit, Doubell Chamberlin -- Microinsurance intermediaries -- Alex Bernhardt, Roland Steinmann, Michael J. McCord -- The technology revolution in microinsurance / Anja Smith ... [et al.] -- Access to insurance and financial-sector regulation / Arup Chatterjee -- Protecting consumers while promoting microinsurance / Rodney Lester, Katherine McKee
Literary Form
non fiction
Vol. 2 edited by Craig Churchill and Michal Matul
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2 v. ;, 25 cm

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