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The politics of water, a survey, editors: Kai Wegerich and Jeroen Warner - ebk

"In these times of growing interest in climate change, with its potential to affect supplies of one of the world's major natural resources, this volume aims to provide an extensive overview of the politics of water. Chapters offer an overview of various topics in the field, while the thorough glossary section contains a wealth of explanations to, and information on, water issues, terms, law and organizations. A section dedicated to the world's major river basins further informs on issues affecting water supply and use, and maps and statistics offer graphic and cartographic representations for reference" -- p. 4 of cover
Table Of Contents
Essays : Is water politics? Towards international water relations / / Jeroen Warner and Kai Wegerich ; The politics of shaing water: international law, sovereignty and transboundary rivers and aquifers / Stephen C. McCaffrey and Kate J. Neville ; The multi-level governance of water and state-building processes: a longue duree perpective / Jeremy Allouche ; Hydrosolidarity as water security in the Okavango River basin / Pal Arne Davidsen ; Transboundary water interaction: reconsidering conflict and co-operation / Mark Zeitous and Naho Mirumachi ; Hydro-hegemonic politics: a crossroads on the Euphrates-Tigris? / Jeroen Warner ; The politics of water and mining in South Africa / Anthony Turton ; Water rights politics / Rutgerd Boelens ; The politics of gender in water and teh gender of water politics / Margreet Z. Zwarteveen ; Rural poverty reduction: what's irrigation got to do with it? / Kai Wegerich -- A-Z glossary / Jens Treffner, Vincent Mioc and Kai Wegerich -- International river basins / Jens Treffner, Vincent Mioc and Kai Wegerich : Aral Sea (Amu Darya and Syr Darya) ; Colorado-Rio Grande-Tijuana ; Danube ; Euphrates-Tigris ; Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna basins ; Indus ; Jordan basin ; La Plata ; Mekong ; Murray-Darling ; Nile basin ; Okavango ; Rhine -- Maps -- Statistics
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non fiction
1st ed
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xviii, 393 p. :, maps ;, 24 cm

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