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The British National Party, contemporary perspectives, edited by Nigel Copsey and Graham Macklin - pbk

Table Of Contents
Introduction: contemporary perspectives on the British National Party / Nigel Copsey -- Modernizing the past for the future / Graham Macklin -- Race and racial difference: the surface and depth of BNP ideology / John E. Richardson -- Multiculturalism and the subcultural politics of the British National Party / James Rhodes -- 'THE MEDIA = LIES, LIES, LIES!': The BNP and the media in contemporary Britain / Nigel Copsey and Graham Macklin -- Ambivalent admiration? The response of other extreme-right groups to the rise of the BNP / Steven Woodbridge -- From direct action to community action: the changing dynamics of anti-fascist opposition / Nigel Copsey -- The BNP in local government: support for the far-right or for community politics? / Karin Bottom and Colin Copus -- Assessing the political relevance of anti-immigration parties: the BNP in comparative European perspective / Anthony M. Messina -- Alien influence? The international context of BNP's 'modernization' / Roger Griffin -- Local embedding as a factor in electoral success: the BNP and NPD compared / Graham Macklin and Fabian Virchow -- Conclusion: further avenues for research / Graham Macklin
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non fiction
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x, 246 p. ;, 24 cm

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