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The limits of transnationalism, collective identities and EU integration, Markus Thiel - hardback

This book examines the state of transnational identification among citizens in the EU as a result of post-Maastricht integration measures, such as the completion of the Common Market, the introduction of the Euro, the initiation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Constitutional debate. Public opinion, interview and print-media analyses in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany confirm the limited effects of EU policy changes to the extent that national political cultures and mass media orientations are compatible with the goals of EU integration
Table Of Contents
A Primer on Transnational Identities * The Impact of European Integration on the UK, Ireland, and Germany--A Historical-institutionalist Overview * How Do Individuals in Europe Perceive of European Integration? * Newspaper Discourses and Public Spheres * Large-scale Survey Analyses through Eurobarometer * What Have We Learned from this Survey?--A Result-oriented Synopsis * Future Challenges for Transnational Identity Formation in the EU
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
x, 234 p. ;, 22 cm

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