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Countryside Planning, New Approaches to Management and Conservation

Annotation, Not since the 19th century has the future of the countryside been such a focus of political and public attention, nor of profound uncertainty and anguished debate. A watershed has now been reached, and in this time of unprecedented change, new tools are needed for planning and managing the countryside. Increasingly the 'drivers' of countryside management and conservation are European and international. They aim to provide comprehensive new frameworks for the whole countryside, and encourage community-driven planning and protection. There have been numerous responses at the country and local levels within the UK. In this book, a broad range of scholars and practitioners review the international drivers affecting countryside policy and practice, and - through a variety of case studies - they assess the value of country and local responses. The result is a powerful and coherent volume that provides a fully up-to-date review and analysis of the pressures on the countryside, the policies for the future and the keys to successful implementation. Countryside Planning is essential reading for planners, local authorities and rural organizations, conservationists and environmental groups, as well as academics and students in planning, rural studies, environmental studies and geography
Table Of Contents
Countryside Planning New Approaches to Management and Conservation -- Copyright -- Contents -- List of Tables, Figures and Boxes -- List of Contributors -- List of Acronyms and Abbreviations -- Preface -- Chapter 1 Then and Now: Planning for Countryside Conservation -- Introduction -- Defining countryside conservation and planning -- Then: a lasting legacy -- Now: a new era? -- An outline -- PART 1: THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT FOR COUNTRYSIDE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT -- Chapter 2 From Sandy to Rio: The Development of Biodiversity Action Planning -- The road to Rio -- The road from Rio -- Re-framing the agenda -- Conclusions -- Chapter 3 European Frameworks for Nature Conservation: The Case of the Birds and Habitats Directives -- The birds and habitats directives -- Delivery mechanisms -- Impact on the British planning system and wider countryside policy frameworks -- The changing context -- Conclusions -- Chapter 4 Our Landscape from a Wider Perspective -- Landscape -- an elusive concept for international policy -- Cultural landscapes and the world heritage convention -- Protected landscapes -- European landscape convention -- Recent developments in the European Union -- The implications for the UK -- Chapter 5 Policy Context for Community Involvement in Countryside Planning -- Global and European drivers towards sustainable development, human rights and environmental policy -- The UK response -- Conclusions -- PART 2: NEW CONCEPTS AND TOOLS -- Chapter 6 The Natural Area Experience -- New solutions to old problems -- New needs and drivers -- Developing the framework -- Natural areas in practice -- Where next? -- Conclusions -- Chapter 7 The Assessment of Countryside and Landscape Character in England: An Overview -- The evolution of countryside and landscape character assessment -- Making judgements based on countryside and landscape character
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xviii, 278 p., ill., col. maps.
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