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Proceedings of the Second International Forum on Financial Mathematics and Financial Technology, edited by Zhiyong Zheng

This open access book is the documentary of the Second International Forum on Financial Mathematics and Financial Technology, with focus on selected aspects of the current and upcoming trends in FinTech. In detail, the included scientific papers cover financial mathematics and FinTech, presenting the innovative mathematical models and state-of-the-art technologies such as deep learning, with the aim to improve the financial analysis and decision-making and enhance the quality of financial services and risk control. The variety of the papers delivers added value for both scholars and practitioners where they will find perfect integration of elegant mathematical models and up-to-date data mining technologies in financial market analysis. Due to COVID-19, the conference was held virtually on August 13–15, 2021, jointly held by the School of Mathematics of Renmin University of China, the Engineering Research Center of Financial Computing and Digital Engineering of Ministry of Education, the Statistics and Big Data Research Institute of Renmin University of China, the Blockchain Research Institute of Renmin University of China, the Zhongguancun Internet Finance Research Institute, and the Renmin University Press
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Preface -- Contents -- On the Development of Fintech in Asia -- 1 Overview of Global Fintech Development -- 1.1 Development Dynamics -- 1.2 The Financing Profile -- 1.3 Regulatory Environment -- 1.4 The Models of Fintech Development -- 1.5 Spatial Layout -- 2 Practice of Fintech Development in Asia -- 2.1 China-The Fintech Has Been Promoted to the Worlds Leading Level -- 2.2 Japan-Boosting the Rapid Growth of Fintech Through Advantages of Backwardness -- 2.3 Singapore-Gathering Innovative Resources with a Relaxed and Inclusive Atmosphere -- 2.4 South Korea-Promoting Scale Development of Fintech Industry by Fanning Out From Point to Area -- 2.5 KazakhstanCDigital Transformation Speeds Up the Construction of Central Asian Fintech Hub -- 2.6 India-Potential for Fintech Development Has Been Gradually Exerted -- 2.7 Israel-Guidance Plus Service to Create a Highland for the Development of Fintech -- 2.8 Indonesia-A Rising Star of Fintech Development in Southeast Asia -- 2.9 Hong Kong of China-The Government Assists the Strong Development of Fintech -- A Probability Inequality with Application to Lattice Theory -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Main Results -- 3 Conclusions -- References -- Robust Identification of Gene-Environment Interactions Under High-Dimensional Accelerated Failure Time Models -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Methods -- 2.1 Data and Model Settings -- 2.2 Robust Estimation and Identification -- 2.3 Computation -- 2.4 Consistency Properties -- 3 Simulations -- 4 Analysis of the TCGA Lung Adenocarcinoma Data -- 5 Discussions -- References -- A Novel Approach for Improving Accuracy for Distributed Storage Networks -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Related Works -- 2.1 Audit Research -- 2.2 Distributed Storage Project -- 3 Audit Algorithm -- 3.1 An Audit Framework -- 3.2 Data Uploading -- 3.3 Self-integrity Verification
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1st ed. 2023.
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