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Circular economy, by Kyle J. Ritchie & Eric Corey Freed

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Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Introduction -- About This Book -- Foolish Assumptions -- Icons Used in This Book -- How This Book Is Organized -- Part 1: Linear Is Out, Circular Is In: An Economic Revolution -- Part 2: Rethinking Business for a Circular Economy -- Part 3: Rethinking Material Lifecycles - The Circular Perspective -- Part 4: Redesigning the Future to Be Circular -- Part 5: Creating a Circular Economy for All -- Part 6: The Part of Tens -- Beyond the Book -- Where to Go from Here -- Part 1 Linear Is Out, Circular Is In: An Economic Revolution -- Chapter 1 Rejecting Waste, Rethinking Materials, and Redesigning the World -- Rejecting the Idea of Waste -- Waste as a driver of the economy -- Waste as a resource -- Rethinking Material Lifecycles -- Take, make, and waste -- Making technical materials circular -- Making biological materials circular -- Upcycling versus downcycling -- Redesigning the Future to Be Circular -- Food production -- Circular businesses, products, and clothing -- A circular economy for all -- Chapter 2 What's Wrong with Being Linear, Anyway? -- We're Taking the Wrong Stuff -- We're not importing this stuff from space -- Everyone keeps having kids -- We don't have as much as we thought -- It all revolves around oil -- We're Making the Wrong Stuff -- You're buying trash -- Even kids can build with blocks -- Trying to recycle the unrecyclable -- We're using materials that are bad for us -- We're Wasting the Wrong Stuff -- It all comes at a big cost -- We're running out of room -- It's expensive to throw things away -- The debt collector is knocking at the door -- Change Is Really Hard, We Know -- If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- Taking risks -- Chapter 3 A Growing Demand for a Circular Economy -- The Drive to Make Money -- Redefining risk and liability
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