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Workplace flexibility, realigning 20th-century jobs for a 21st-century workforce, edited by Kathleen Christensen and Barbara Schneider - alk. paper

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Introduction. Evidence of the Worker and Workplace Mismatch / Kathleen Christensen and Barbara Schneider -- Pt. 1. Twenty-First-Century Workers and Family Life -- 1. The Long Reach of the Job: Employment and Time for Family Life / Suzanne M. Bianchi and Vanessa R. Wight -- 2. Multitasking among Working Families: A Strategy for Dealing with the Time Squeeze / Shira Offer and Barbara Schneider -- 3. Coming Together at Dinner: A Study of Working Families / Elinor Ochs, Merav Shohet, Belinda Campos and Margaret Beck -- Pt. 2. The Misfit Between Old Workplaces and a New Workforce -- 4. Customizing Careers by Opting Out or Shifting Jobs: Dual-Earners Seeking Life-Course "Fit" / Phyllis Moen and Qinlei Huang -- 5. Keeping Engaged Parents on the Road to Success / Sylvia Ann Hewlett -- 6. Elderly Labor Supply: Work or Play? / Steven J. Haider and David S. Loughran -- Pt. 3. Workplace Flexibility: Voluntary Employer Practices in the United States -- 7. Employer-Provided Workplace Flexibility / Ellen Galinsky, Kelly Sakai, Sheila Eby, James T. Bond and Tyler Wigton -- 8. Will the Real Family-Friendly Employer Please Stand Up: Who Permits Work Hour Reductions for Childcare? / Robert Hutchens and Patrick Nolen -- 9. Workplace Flexibility for Federal Civilian Employees / Kathleen Christensen, Matthew Weinshenker and Blake Sisk -- 10. The Odd Disconnect: Our Family-Hostile Public Policy / Joan C. Williams -- Pt. 4. Workplace Flexibility: Practices from Abroad -- 11. Limiting Working Time and Supporting Flexibility for Employees: Public Policy Lessons from Europe / Janet C. Gornick -- 12. Parents' Experiences of Flexible Work Arrangements in Changing European Workplaces / Suzan Lewis and Laura den Dulk -- 13. Work Hours Mismatch in the United States and Australia / Robert Drago and Mark Wooden -- 14. Renewed Energy for Change: Government Policies Supporting Workplace Flexibility in Australia / Juliet Bourke -- 15. Flexible Employment and the Introduction of Work-Life Balance Programs in Japan / Machiko Osawa -- 16. Government Policies Supporting Workplace Flexibility: The State of Play in Japan / Sumiko Iwao -- Conclusions: Solving the Workplace/Workforce Mismatch / Kathleen Christensen and Barbara Schneider
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