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The Oxford handbook of the history of nationalism, edited by John Breuilly.

These essays, written by a team of leading scholars, provide a global coverage of the history of nationalism in its different aspects - its ideas, its sentiments, and its politics
Table Of Contents
Introduction: concepts, approaches, theories / John Breuilly -- Part I. The emergence of nationalism : ideas and sentiments. -- Nationalisms and vernaculars, 1500-1800 / Peter Burke -- Nationalism: intellectual origins / Erica Benner -- Anti-Western doctrines of nationalism / Andreas Eckert -- Cultural nationalism / John Hutchinson -- Part II. The emergence of nationalism : politics and power. -- Independence and nationalism in the Americas / Don Doyle and Eric van Young -- The French Revolution, Napoleon and nationalism in Europe / Michael Rowe -- Nationalism and national unification in 19th century Europe / John Breuilly -- National movements in the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires / Miroslav Hroch -- Separatist nationalism in the Romanov and Soviet Empires / Theodore Weeks -- Nationalism in the Middle East, 1876-1945 / Aviel Roshwald -- Nationalisms in India, 1857-1947 / Joya Chatterji -- The Origins of Southeast Asian nations: a question of timing / David Henley -- Nationalism in East Asia, 1839-1945 / Rana Mitter -- Nationalism in colonial and post-colonial Africa : an introduction / Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale -- Anti-colonial nationalism and patriotism in sub-Saharan Africa / John Lonsdale -- Part III. Nationalism in a world of nation states : politics and power. -- Nationalism and imperialism c.1860-1918 / John Darwin -- Nationalism in post-colonial Africa / Bruce J. Berman -- Latin America : state-building and nationalism / Nicola Miller -- State-building and nationalism in the nineteenth century U.S.A. / Susan-Mary Grant -- Nationalism in Europe 1918-1945 / Oliver Zimmer -- Nationalism in the Arab world since 1945 / Fred Halliday -- Nationalism in Northeast Asia since 1945 / Aaron Moore -- Nationalism in post-independence Southeast Asia : a comparative analysis / John T. Sidel -- Nation-building and nationalism : South Asia, 1947-1990 / Christophe Jaffrelot -- Nationalism in Southeastern Europe 1970-2000 / Sabine Rutar -- Part IV. Nationalism in a world of nation states : ideas, sentiments and international relations. -- International society, state sovereignty and national self-determination / James Mayall -- International interventions in nationalist disputes / Richard Caplan -- Fascism and racism / Roger Eatwell -- Nationalism without states / Montserrat Guibernau -- National identity and everyday life / Yves Deloye -- Part V. Challenges to the world of nation states. -- Nationalism and international socialism / John Schwarzmantel -- Religion and nationalism / Peter van der Veer -- Pan-nationalism of Pan-Islamic, Pan-Asian and Pan-African thought / Cemil Aydin -- Nationalism and globalization / Jürgen Osterhammel -- Part VI. Nationalist historiography. -- Nationalism and historical writing / Paul Lawrence
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