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Rethinking productive development, sound policies and institutions for economic transformation, Gustavo Crespi, Eduardo Fernández-Arias and Ernesto Stein - hbk

"Rethinking Industrial Policy systematically analyzes policies in key areas such as innovation, new firms, firm networks, financing, human capital, and internationalization. The authors provide an in-depth look at specific policies and institutions that illustrate the do's and don'ts emerging from regional and international experience on the basis of the analytic tests, and they review new approaches to gauging the opportunities countries have for beneficial productive transformation into new and better products. The book discusses how these analyses are useful to inform policy to stimulate and guide productive transformation"
Table Of Contents
Part I. The Role of Productive Development Policies: 1. Rethinking productive development, 2. A conceptual framework for productive development politics -- Part II. Sound Policies in Key Areas of Application: 3. Investing in ideas: policies to foster innovation; 4. The start-up and scale-up of high-productivity firms; 5. Beyond the classroom: preparing people to produce; 6. Giving credit to productivity; 7. More than the sum of its parts: cluster-based policies; 8. A world of possibilities: internationalization for productive development; 9. Selecting priority sectors for productive transformation: an elephant in the room? -- Part III. Institutions for Successful Policies: 10. The hart part: building public-sector capabilities; 11. Two to tango: public-private collaboration
Literary Form
non fiction
On t.p.: Inter-American Development Bank
Physical Description
xxix, 461 p. ;, 25 cm

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