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Coping with water deficiency, from research to policymaking : with examples from Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and developing countries, Phoebe Koundouri, editor - eISBN

Table Of Contents
1. Introduction / Phoebe Koundouri, Yiannis Kountouris and Kyriaki Remoundou -- 2. Water Management on Mediterranean Islands: Pressure, Recommended Policy and Management Options / Antonia A. Donta, Manfred, A. Lange and the MEDIS consortium -- 3. The Range of Existing Circumstances in the WaterStrategyMan Case Studies / Bernard Barraqué, Christos Karavitis, Pipina Katsiardi -- 4. Landscape Sensitivity, Resilience and Sustainable Watershed Management / James McGlade, Brian S. McIntosh, Paul Jeffrey -- 5. Using Economic Valuation Techniques to Inform Water Resources Management in the Southern European and Mediterranean and Developing Countries: A survey and critical appraisal of available techniques and applications / Ekin Birol, Phoebe Koundouri and Yiannis Kountouris -- 6. The Case for Declining Long-Term Discount Rates in the Evaluation of Flood-Defense Investments / Phoebe Koundouri -- 7. Models and Decisions Support Systems for Participatory Decisions Making in Integrated Water Resource Management / Carlo Giupponi and Alessandra Sgobbi -- 8. Evaluating the Institutional-Impact Interactions in the Context of Millennium Development Goals: Analytical Framework with Empirical Results / R. Maria Saleth, Ariel Dinar, and Susanne Neubert -- 9. Resource Pricing and Poverty Alleviation: The Case of Block Tariffs for Water in Beijing / Ben Groom, Xiaoying Liu and Tim Swanson
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