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What's the matter with meat?, Katy Keiffer - pbk

"Katy Keiffer leads readers though a crash course on how this powerful multinational business has been able to generate such a bountiful supply of absurdly cheap animal proteins. What's the Matter with Meat? explores everything from labor issues to genetic manipulation to animal welfare to environmental degradation, illustrating just how the industrial model for meat production conjures up huge quantities of cheap meat even as it shifts many of the real costs onto the taxpayer. She describes practices few of us know about, such as land grabs in which predator companies acquire property in foreign countries for meat production, often driving out local farmers. She shows how industry consolidation entrenches cost-effective but harmful practices, creating monopolies that force competitors out of business, drive down labor costs, erode workers rights, and exert extraordinary power over nearby communities. Keiffer demonstrates with irrefutable force that the current model for meat production adopted worldwide is simply not sustainable and will soon exhaust the planet's resources. A hard-hitting critique of the meat industry and its harmful effects, this book shows us just how important it is to care about where our food comes from, to support alternative production systems, and to stop those practices that are ruining our planet in the service of the burger and the nugget."--Publisher's description
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- The evolution of industrialized meat production -- The business of genetics -- Livestock and disease -- Environmental costs -- Animal welfare -- Wages, workers and safety issues -- Concentration and consolidation in the industry -- Food fraud -- Trade deals and land grabs -- Asia and the industrialized model of meat production -- Conclusion
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
200 pages, 21 cm.

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