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The Oxford handbook of diversity in organizations, edited by Regine Bendl ... [et al.]

In the last decades diversity and its management has become a feature of modern and postmodern organizations. Different practices have spread around the globe focusing on the organizing and management of inclusion and exclusion of persons and identities based on different genders, sexual orientations, racial and ethnic backgrounds, ages, and (dis)abilities as well as religious beliefs. However, although increasingly recognized as important, the discourses of diversity are multifaceted and not without controversy. Furthermore, diversity management practices have the potential to reproduce both inclusion and exclusion. The book presents the foundations of organizing and managing diversities, offers multidisciplinary, intersectional and critical analyses on key issues, and opens up fresh perspectives in order to advance the diversity debate. It also inspires new debates on diversity by encouraging scholars to broaden their research agendas and assists students and scholars to increase their understanding of the field and its current discussions. The contributors are a team of leading diversity scholars from all over the world
Table Of Contents
In Search of the 'Real' / Paul Mutsaers, Marja-Liisa Trux -- Explaining Diversity Management Outcomes / Sandra Groeneveld -- Global Diversity Management / Mustafa Bilgehan Öztürk, Ahu Tatli, Mustafa Özbilgin --Rethinking Higher Education Diversity Studies through a Diversity Management Frame / Mary Ann Danowitz -- Entrepreneurship and Diversity / Deirdre Tedmanson, Caroline Essers -- Practices of Organizing and Managing Diversity in Emerging Countries / Anita Bosch, Stella M. Nkomo, Nasima MH Carrim, Rana Haq, Jawad Syed, Faiza Ali -- Intersectionality at the Intersection / Danielle Mercer, Mariana Ines Paludi, Jean Helms Mills, Albert J. Mills -- Of Race and Religion / Ali Mir, Saadia Toor, Raza Mir -- Intersectionality, Social Identity Theory, and Explorations of Hybridity / Lucy Taksa, Glen Powell, Laknath Jayasinghe -- Reframing Diversity Management / Alexandra Faria -- The Intersectionalities of Age, Ethnicity, and Class in Organizations / Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Renate Ortlieb -- People with Disabilities / David Baldridge, Joy Beattie, Alison M. Konrad, Mark E. Moore -- Rethinking Diversity in Organizations and Society / David Knights, Vedran Omanović -- Examining Diversity in Organizations from Critical Perspectives / Inge Bleijenbergh, Sandra L. Fielden -- Future Challenges for Practices of Diversity Management in Organizations / Yvonne Benschop, Charlotte Holgersson, Marieke van den Brink, Anna Wahl -- From Here to There and Back Again / Banu Ozkazanc-Pan, Marta B. Calás -- The Politics of Equality and Diversity / Geraldine Healy -- Duelling Dualisms / Judith K. Pringle, Glenda Strachan -- Theories of Difference, Diversity, and Intersectionality / Jeff Hearn, Jonna Louvrier -- Reflections on Diversity and Inclusion Practices at the Organizational, Group, and Individual Levels / Ruth Sessler Bernstein, Marcy Crary, Diana Bilimoria, Donna Maria Blancero -- Advancing Postcolonial Approaches in Critical Diversity Studies / Gavin Jack -- Introduction: Mapping the Field of Diversity in Organizations / Regine Bendl, Inge Bleijenbergh, Elina Henttonen, Albert J. Mills -- A Postcolonial Deconstruction of Diversity Management and Multiculturalism / Anna-Liisa Kaasila-Pakanen -- Queer Perspectives Fuelling Diversity Management Discourse / Regine Bendl, Roswitha Hofmann -- Ambiguous Diversities / Annette Risberg, Sine Nørholm Just -- Individuals, Teams, and Organizational Benefits of Managing Diversity / Eddy Ng, Jacqueline Stephenson -- Organizational Benefits through Diversity Management / Kelly Dye, Golnaz Golnaraghi -- Challenges and Opportunities / Janet Porter, Rosalie Hilde -- Collecting Narratives and Writing Stories of Diversity / Patrizia Zanoni, Koen Van Laer
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