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Undocumented workers' transitions, legal status, migration, and work in Europe, Sonia McKay, Eugenia Markova and Anna Paraskevopoulou - pbk

This book explores how immigration laws, while aimed at discouraging undocumented migration, actually sustain it. It documents the circumstances that have caused previously documented migrants to become undocumented and explores the impact of their changing status on their families and on their own employment opportunities. The authors argue that undocumented migrants are forced into the most precarious types of work, and changes in the way that employment is organised, with a shift into temporary, agency and sub-contracted work, makes..
Table Of Contents
1. The Lived Experiences of Undocumented Migrants 2. Migration in a European Historical Perspective 3. Theories of Migration 4. What Works and What Does Not -- Methodologies and Migration Research 5. Controlling Undocumented Migration at EU Level 6. Immigration Policies and Regularisation 7. European Undocumented Migration 8. Informal Economies and Dual Labour Market Theories 9. The Feminisation of Undocumented Migration 10. The Impact of Family on Undocumented Migration 11. Europe's Undocumented Migrants -- Here to Stay
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xiii, 187 p. ;, 23 cm

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