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The adverse childhood experiences recovery workbook, heal the hidden wounds from childhood affecting your adult mental and physical health, Glenn R. Schiraldi

Childhood trauma can harm children's developing brains, change how they respond to stress, and damage their immune systems so profoundly that the effects show up decades later. From trauma specialist Glenn Schiraldi, this innovative workbook provides adult readers with practical, evidence-based skills to help them heal from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Using the trauma-informed and resilience-building practices in this book, readers will learn to rewire their brain and replace shame, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem with self-compassion, security, and contentment.
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Contents -- Introduction -- PART I: About Adverse Childhood Experiences -- 1. Toxic Stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences -- 2. How ACEs Harm the Body: The Mechanisms -- 3. How ACEs Shape PsychologyIn -- PART II: Solutions About Healing -- Healing -- 4. The Promise of Healing -- Self-Care -- 5. Regulate Stress Arousal -- 6. Regulate Strong Emotions -- 7. Take Care of Your Brain -- Strengthening and Stabilizing the Nervous System with Imagery -- 8. Attachment Imagery -- 9. Self-Nurturing Imagery -- 10. Exploring Imagery -- 11. Attachment Imagery for Your Teen Years -- 12. Comforting Imagery for Difficult Times -- Getting to the Bottom of Things: Floatback Strategies -- 13. Floating Back for Disturbing Events -- 14. Floating Back to Core Beliefs -- Reworking Shame -- 15. Shame and Self-Esteem -- 16. Rework Shame from Parents -- 17. Rework Later Shame Programming -- 18. Soften Body Shame -- 19. Loving the Body -- 20. Healing Inner Dialogue -- 21. Disconnect from Memory's Quicksand -- 22. How Would the World Be Different? -- 23. Prepare for the Return of Shame -- Moving Forward -- 24. Cultivate Self-Respect -- 25. Forgive Old Wounds -- 26. Feed the Soul -- 27. Weave Joy into Your Life -- 28. Create a New Future -- 29. Conclusion -- APPENDIX A: Skills Record -- APPENDIX B: Shame Symptoms Inventory -- Acknowledgments -- Recommended Resources -- References -- About the Author
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